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Food prices in Italy

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Everyone at least once in their life dreams of going to the homeland of pizza, which already in our country acquires the status national dish. However, we are so eager to try real pizza, taste quality spaghetti served with different sauces. National Italian cuisine is considered a separate attraction that you want to know and unravel. Therefore, we go there to enjoy the quality of food and delicacies local dishes. Despite the prevalence of a large number of restaurants with dishes of different nations, tourists do not pay attention to them at all. Because they everyone is just chained to pizzerias and small restaurants that call their amazing local preparations.

Italy is a country that always will be different. Here not only different weather conditions, but also different recreation. Each region will have a different pastime. Someone aspires to big cities, wander through boutiques and buy a lot of interesting things. there is people who simply cannot live without the sea and mountains. Plains attract attention tourists to take a trip to amazing cities. You can immediately understand that Italian spaces are considered very interesting and varied. Also varied and national cuisine. But remember that the prices here are not at all democratic. To dine or dine in a typical restaurant, you will most likely have to shell out about 50 euros.Image
Italian dishes

Cheap meals are considered exactly when you order takeaway or prefer to eat at special time for tourists. Regular and standard business lunch will cost you about 5-10 euros cheaper.

When taking food with you, remember that you save a little. After all, as soon as they sat down at the table, the usual cup of coffee was 1.5 euro goes up to 2.

If you are new to these places, then you should not go to restaurants that do not set their own prices for food. After all, unknowingly, you can even pay 200 euros for the usual set of dishes. Remember, what will be cheapest in those institutions where there is a special tourist menu. You will pay only 15 euros for it. Best to order I go with me, but you can also have a cup of coffee near the bar.Image
Italian pizza

Of course, when it comes to size dishes, they are very large. They will bring you a whole plate of pasta, which you never eat it yourself. At the same time, the size of the pizza is very large. Therefore, in order to save money, you can take a portion for two. Standard pizza will cost about 7 euros, but a plate of pasta with sauce and other components will be   somewhere around 11 euros.

In general, you yourself can decide will you give that kind of money for food. But try a couple of times all the same you can.

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Topic: Food prices in Italy.Food prices in Italy

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