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The best pizzerias in the world

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Italian pizza

"Da Michele" (Naples)

There are more than 12 thousand pizzerias in Naples. Local and foreign gourmets are constantly arguing Where is the best pizza served? There is no definite solution yet, but most of them prefer Da Michele, an authentic restaurant with a history of almost two centuries. This restaurant has been visited by many celebrities, despite the fact that only two types of pizza are prepared here: the famous Margarita and Marinara (with olives, oregano, garlic and tomatoes). The pizzeria is very small not many people fit in it, so you have to stand in front of her on the street for a few minutes. However, it's worth it the pizza is really delicious here.

Buffetto's (Rome)

The pizza brewed in Buffeto's pizzeria is considered the tastiest in Rome, if not the whole world. The pizzeria is located behind an inconspicuous door in a completely ordinary building, but every day hundreds of people visit it even impressive queues accumulate here.

The Buffeto family business is more than half a century old. The service here is just great pizza is prepared quickly and really tasty. In addition to classic pizza, here you can order anchovies, zucchini, pumpkins and much more as a filling. For only 25 euros, which includes pizza and beer, you can really overeat. In the small diner Spontini, only Margarita is prepared, so the order here can be announced immediately. The oversized local pizza has an amazing taste that even gourmets love. By the way, here you can order pizza `` to go'' - In Milan, it is perfectly normal to walk down the street and take bites from carefully packaged pizza.

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Topic: The best pizzerias in the world.The best pizzerias in the world

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