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Where to relax in spring

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Spring – the off-season period in most popular tourist regions, which somewhat reduces the opportunities for recreation. However, as at any other time of the year, an interesting and memorable vacation is possible in spring. In addition, during the off-season, the cost of tours is significantly reduced, which serves as an additional plus in favor of spring.

All spring

Ski tourism in springImage

Sheregesh, Russia

Ski seasons in most European countries last until mid-spring: Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Finland, Russia etc.
At some of the ski resorts Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden skiing is possible further – throughout the year.

Beach holidays in spring

A number of resorts complete the beach season by April, others – start in May.

During   throughout spring such popular European and exotic can offer a good beach holiday   southern resorts and countries like the Canary and Balearic Islands, Madeira Island (Portugal), Taiwan Island (China), Sri Lanka, Maldives, Goa (India), Indonesia, Seychelles, Thailand, Singapore.Image

During most of spring, it is also good to relax on the beach in United Arab Emirates and Egypt. It is not yet as hot here as in summer, but it is quite comfortable for swimming. In addition, shopping in the UAE in early spring is excellent.

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Topic: Where to relax in spring.Where to relax in spring

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