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What to eat in Israel?

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Israeli food

Food in Israel is so versatile and as diverse as its inhabitants. As a rule, the bulk of people here is from other countries. Therefore, the national cuisine absorbs gradually different traditions and customs. It is very easy and simple for a tourist. we we do not feel that everything is alien to us here. There are numerous restaurants in which have a great opportunity to taste dishes of different nationalities. Beside Japanese chefs feel great with Jewish establishments, and American migrants open their coffee shops. Typically eat in Israel can be very satisfying and varied. There are preparations that relate to East. Great influence in terms of the formation of national cuisine here Arabs and Eastern countries provide. The Mediterranean flavor also prevails. Since Israel is considered a maritime state, no menu can be complete without fish and seafood.

Israeli cities are not like settlements and small areas. These are modern megacities that amaze the height of buildings and the number of shopping centers. Simultaneously with the development of cities foreign fast food chains began to appear. So, travelers can try a hamburger at McDonald's. Local factories produce a large number of cheeses made by French professionals.

In most restaurants, breakfast you will be served a delicious sandwich or pasta with sauce, offering to wash down your meal aromatic coffee.Image

Of course, Israeli cuisine differs in some dishes that are worth trying while staying in the holy earth. First of all, you will be offered to taste the falafel. This is a flatbread with fried bean balls served along with a lot of vegetables.

The local moss on the streets externally resembles an ordinary shawarma. But do not give it up right away. Try it and you will be simply amazed at the great taste of this dish. Regular street food often represented by national preparations. They are very satisfying and tasty, and not very expensive.

Hummus is considered an Arabic dish. But here it is very common. Usually hummus is made from peas, which are ground and served with tahini. Hummus is used in as a side dish or main course. A cake is given to the taste, which replaces your spoon when you eat.Image

Despite the diversity foreign dishes in Israeli restaurants, after all, the food will be different kosher. The fact is that the Israelis very much follow certain laws that govern the preparation and use of certain foods. So, on It is forbidden to eat pork and some types of fish in the country. Dairy products are never combined with meat. It is this difference that becomes the main difference between Israeli food.

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Topic: What to eat in Israel?.What to eat in Israel?

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