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National dishes of Italy

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Italian food

When you start thinking about what a kitchen is made of In Italy, variations of pizza and pasta immediately begin to come to mind. In fact, this is true, but there are many more preparations to be included in the list. As a rule, visiting travelers to Italy cannot take their eyes off the abundance of those delicacies that locals are ready to regale them with. Italian cuisine is very diverse, it includes numerous dishes that are very satisfying and tasty.

This variety is explained precisely by the fact that each region of Italy has its own characteristics of national cuisine. Due to the presence of different climatic conditions, each part of this state presents its own unique dishes and preparations.

Of course, it cannot be said that Italian cuisine will be distinguished by any exotic moments or exquisite ingredients. Everything is very simple. In the very process of cooking, a large amount of cheese, pasta   products, meat, vegetables, olives and various sauces.

So, let's take a closer look at the national dishes of Italy.


There are a lot of pasta here. there are many species that differ not only in composition, but also in color and shape. The buyer's choice is invited to try spaghetti, cannelloni, maccheroni and other varieties and types. They are usually fresh and dry. For example, pasta is used to prepare layers for Lasagna, which is very popular here.


Not a single meal is complete without sauces. This is a unique feature of Italian food. Basically, their composition, as a rule,   includes tomatoes. But there are special sauces for fish, cape, pasta and other preparations. The Pesto sauce is very popular, which is made from pine nuts. You can also note the sauce `` Stew '' and fishy 'Chiambotto'.


Sweet food is represented by a lot of sweets and   cakes. Of these, the famous Tiramissa can be distinguished. Sicilian sweets are also considered quite popular and have a magical taste.

Wine should be distinguished from alcoholic products. Here, in Italy, numerous types of grapes are grown, from which a very tasty wine is made. At the same time, Sambuca anise liqueur is also popular in many bars. Its amazing cooking with fire will fascinate any visitor.

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Topic: National dishes of Italy.National dishes of Italy

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