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What to bring from Greece?

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Trip to Greece – it is not only ancient monuments and golden beaches of several seas, but also shopping, or at least – a trip to souvenir shops.

Famous words that in Greece 'everything is there'; characterize the local shops perfectly. For tourists there will be huge opportunities for choice – from small memorable purchases to very serious things.

Food souvenirs from Greece

You simply must bring from Greece olive oil. Choosing an oil will not be difficult. This is not at all the butter we buy in supermarkets. The local olive oil is so aromatic and tasty that once you have tasted it, you will never be able to change it.

Separately, it is worth mentioning chocolatakya. The calling card of Greek pastry shops is actually made from chocolate, and is something between a large candy and a cake. Sweetness does not have a strict recipe, they are prepared literally in front of customers and wrapped in a confectioner's branded packaging.

Alcohol from Greece

The most famous alcoholic drink in Greece is Metaxa – national brandy. There are several varieties, depending on the aging – 2 years, 5, 7 or 12 years. Sold mainly in liter bottles, but 'souvenir' the option assumes a container of 200 grams.


Important: When buying alcohol in Greece, do not forget about Russian customs regulations. Duty free, since 2015, no more than 3 liters of any alcoholic product can be imported into Russia. The volume above is subject to mandatory declaration and payment of duties.

Gifts and souvenirs from Greece

handicrafts have become the most common Greek souvenirs in recent years. For 10-20 euros in any Greek store you can find unique towels, beautiful embroidered bedspreads, woven national clothes or a tablecloth.

Branded Greek carpets will be more expensive, not less than 50 euros for small rug.

In seaside towns and resorts, souvenir shops are literally filled with seashells. Not everyone is able to assemble them on their own, it is much easier to buy already `` mined '' souvenir. The price of the seashells varies, but the small ones cost a few euro cents.

Inexpensive sea sponges can also be found in any shop in any market in Greece. This product is in great demand, both among tourists and among the Greeks themselves.


Sea sponges

Icons and other Orthodox attributes are relevant near churches and monasteries in Greece.

What cosmetics to bring from Greece

Cosmetics made in Greece deserve special attention. Since most of the cosmetics are made on the basis of olive oil, they have good products. Pay attention to the brands Ismene, Olivolio, Korres, Apivita, Bioselect.

The most famous brand is Korres, which contains not only natural olive oil, but also various herbs, essential oils and natural yogurt.  

Wedding rings in Greece are made with partial preservation of the Byzantine school of jewelry craftsmanship. Even the most `` simple '' the ring will be decorated with a branded pattern. Well, the value of such a souvenir is obvious.

How to bring a fur coat from Greece

One of the most expensive gifts that can be brought from Greece is a fur coat. The best fur factories are located in Kastoria.

Today, in order to bring a fur coat from Greece, you can use special fur coat tours that will help you solve   many problems when buying a fur coat.

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