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National dishes of China

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Chinese food

Typically Chinese food popular all over the world. It is considered original and exotic at the same time. When you visit China, you will never go hungry. After all, the local variety is simple attracts people to try at least some of the local preparations. For many people, food should be beautiful first. decorated. Another difference between the local preparations is considered to be finely chopped Ingredients. Since the locals eat with chopsticks, such dishes will be much easier to capture with exotic instruments.

So, we can say that Chinese cuisine is considered to be divided into several varieties. Here everyone the region has its own delights and unique combinations of products. therefore even many restaurants are divided among themselves and represent a separate region or same city.Image
Peking duck

Peking food.

This kind of Chinese food represents the north of the country. Typically grown in large quantities here fig. Therefore, it is served not only as a separate dish, but also in combination with meat and vegetables. You can choose viscous rice or crumbly. There are plenty of species to do varied food. Lamb and duck are often prepared from meat. Peking duck is considered the star of any restaurant. After all, birds are raised on special farms according to very old and hidden technologies. As a result, it is served on the table and considered soft and crispy. Again, to eat it, you need adhere to the main ceremony. So, the duck is cut into 120 small pieces for guest.

Catonese cuisine.

If you are in the south, be sure to make sure Catonian dishes differ from northern recipes. So, fish ingredients and other seafood prevail here. Often in small eateries prepare cats, dogs, and insects. But to foreigners such exotic will not be offered in a good restaurant. Among the drinks are green tea. It simply amazes with its aroma and taste.Image
Green tea

Sichuan cuisine.

Its recipe very popular not only among the Chinese, but also many tourists. In fact, cooking contain all products and delicious ingredients. You can try chicken, fish and many vegetable dishes. Fear not, all products are steam processed, from making it even tastier.

Shanghai cuisine.

Shanghai cuisine is famous for its cheese tofu, which is considered simply a source of protein. At the same time, pork is cooked on coals, with the addition of Chinese vodka and spices. The dishes here are unusual varied and very sharp.

If you are in China, be sure to order those famous dishes for which this country is simply famous. For example, dandelion salad can be distinguished from a large list. It includes includes arugula leaves, which are seasoned with oil and vinegar.

Among the most preferred dishes include sweet and sour fish, crab pies and the famous dumplings. Their filling simply amazes with its filling and taste. As filling is used meat and vegetables.


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