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Where to relax in winter: Sorochany

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Many Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region think that in order to go downhill skiing, they must go somewhere far away – to the Caucasus, the Ural Mountains or Altai. However, you can also go for a good ride in the Moscow region, for example, in the Sorochany resort.

Where is the Sorochany resort located

Sorochany is located in the Dmitrovsky district (Moscow region) 50 kilometers from Moscow.



How to get to Sorochan

There are the following ways to get to the ski resort in the Moscow region – Sorochan:

  • By electric train from the Savelovsky railway station to the Yakhroma station, then by bus 42 to the village of Kurovo. The whole journey will take about 1.5 hours;

  • By bus 401, daily departing from the Altufevo metro station raquo;, to the stop `` Dmitrov '', then by bus 42 to the village of Kurovo. The whole journey will take about 1.5 hours;

  • By car (along Dmitrovskoe highway). In the area of 37 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, having checked with the sign `` Yaroslavl, Noginsk '', turn from the main road to the right. After the bridge, located to the village of Podosinki, turn to the left and drive to the village of Ilyinskoye, then turn again to the left. After Ilyinsky to Sorochanov, it remains to overcome about 2 kilometers. After arriving at the place, you should park your car in the parking lot belonging to the resort.

Trails in Sorochany

Sorochany – this is a ski resort, where visitors will find a dozen trails with branches with a small total height difference of about 80 meters. The resort has two `` black '' (more difficult) trails in the `` home-acceleration '' - the so-called special hills to extend the trails and increase the steepness of their descents. In addition, local short runs are complicated by narrowing zones. The length of the longest track in Sorochany – about 800 meters. The resort is served by two chairlifts and several drag lifts. There is a special slope with a separate ski lift for snow tubing.

The following slopes are offered for visitors to this ski resort:

  • Slope # 1. Suitable for beginner skiers. It features a slight slope and a fairly wide rollout. The slope is served by a chairlift;

  • Slope 2. It differs in a rather steep beginning of the slope along an arc and a wide, gentle end. The slope is served by a drag lift (III). From this slope it is possible to get to the main building (Tent);

  • Slope 3. Suitable for skiers who already have initial experience and seek to consolidate the technique. It has a flat surface and low steepness, at the end of the slope there is a slight bend. The slope is served by a drag lift;

  • Slope # 3a. Differs in steepness and short length. It is a branch from slope 3 to the drag lift (IV) and the 4-chair lift (II);
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  • Slope # 4. It has a variable relief and a fairly wide slope. Served by a drag lift (IV) and a 4-chair lift (II). Has an average steepness, will appeal to beginners and more experienced skiers. Depressions and folds of the relief make this track more interesting for skiing;

  • Slope 5. Starts out with a shallow blue a zone after which a strong inflection leads to a steep `` black '' slope. Quite a difficult slope for beginners to ski. Served by a drag lift (IV) and a 4-chair lift (II);

  • Slope 6. It is divided into 2 parts. If you look from above, then its right area – `` red '', gently sloping and even, suitable for skiers with an average skill level. The relief of the track is variable, has slight depressions and bends. Left (or center) area – black, with kinks at the beginning and end. When accelerating from the top of the slope in the inflection area, you can achieve a long jump. Suitable for trained people who can jump. Served by a drag lift;

  • Slope 7. It differs in a gentle beginning, turning into a rather steep section. Ideal for slalom fans. Served by a drag lift (V);

  • Slope 8. The longest track is in Sorochany. It starts from the mountain top, at the very beginning there is a gentle zone, from where the skiers determine the slope of interest (4, 5, 6, 7). If you only go straight after the gently sloping zone, there is a branching of the route into several branches running through a picturesque spruce forest. A low steep track, not difficult. Served by a 2-chair lift (I);

  • Slopes 9-10. These are the new slopes starting at home acceleration. One of the tracks – straight, second – spiral (followed by branching). Route 9 has a steep section, but it can be bypassed. Route No. 10 forks in two at the end. If you go straight after that, the incline will remain the same. When turning to the left, the incline becomes quite steep. Slope No. 9-10 – black Sorochan track. Served by a 2-chair lift (I).

Scheme of trails in Sorochany

Scheme slopes in Sorochany

Experienced skiers will not be very interested here, since the slopes are too low, `` black '' the tracks are such only by the standards of this resort (in fact, they are lighter), there is no snow park. Perhaps they will like skiing at night.

For beginner skiers, the Sorochany resort – great place with many trails. The main slope for training is of sufficient length and width, it is served by a chair lift, therefore, snowboarding beginners can be found here (rope tows for snowboarders are difficult to use). As you gain experience, you can move on to new tracks. Working with an instructor costs 1400 rubles on weekdays and 1800 rubles on weekends.

The cost of lifting in Sorochany

Given the proximity of the ski resort to Moscow, the sale of ski passes here it is carried out not for a day, but separately for each new rise. On weekdays, the rise costs about 70 rubles, on weekends and holidays – about 160. On average, 10 climbs are enough for a day of skiing. Remember: if you arrive on a weekend or a holiday on the eve of weekdays (for example, on Sunday), then the ascents can be assessed at weekday rates.

The use of lifts in Sorochany has the following prices:

  • Children's ticket – 20 rubles on weekdays and 55 rubles on weekends;

  • Adult ticket – 70 rubles on weekdays and 150 rubles on weekends.

Children under 5 years old can use the lifts for free.

Infrastructure in Sorochany

Rental housing

Affordable housing for visitors is located close to the resort area. Cottage settlement Sorochany offers various options for cottages for rent. For everyone, there is an opportunity to rent double (with kitchen or sauna) and quadruple rooms. Hotel complex Sorochany raquo; works all year round, there is a possibility of living for families with children of any age. The cost of living in the Sorochany ski resort is about 1850 rubles per person per day.

 Housing in Sorochany

Housing in Sorochany

If this cost seems too high, there is another option for living – renting a room or a house in the village of Kurovo. It will cost about 500-600 rubles per day.


For breakfasts, lunches or dinners of varying degrees of nutrition in Sorochany, there are many cafes and restaurants, located on the territory of a sports resort. It is worth visiting such cafes and restaurants as Panorama, Virage, and Izbushka, where delicious Russian cuisine awaits you.

In addition, you can order European dishes – hot fish and meat dishes, snacks, soups, salads and drinks. In Sorochany, the average price of lunch is 300-700 rubles.

Parking for cars

Near the hotel complex there is a parking lot for 1500 cars with video surveillance and 24-hour security.

Rental ski equipment

The cost of renting an average set of equipment per day (about 5 hours) – 1600 rubles for snowboarding and 2000 rubles for alpine skiing on weekdays. On weekends – plus 500 rubles.
In Sorochany, recreation and entertainment for children 3-12 years old is represented mainly by the `` Snowflake '' playroom, where there is a dry pool and many toys, as well as a children's educational slope, a playground and modern television and video equipment.

Reviews of Sorochany

In general, reviews on this resort on the Internet on review sites are very positive. Many call it the best ski resort in the Moscow region, suitable for a relaxing family vacation. People are advised to arrive at the resort early so that they can rent any equipment and quickly get to the instructor's class. Some, however, note that the infrastructure of the resort is not very good, and the quality of the tracks leaves much to be desired, especially at the end of the ski season.

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Topic: Where to relax in winter: Sorochany.Where to relax in winter: Sorochany

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