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Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Irkutsk region

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Although there is a crisis in the yard, nobody canceled the vacation, so many are looking for how to save as much as possible on vacation. Especially for residents of the Irkutsk region, the site has collected several useful and relevant tips for saving on travel.

Rest closer to home

When traveling, the road is always very expensive, so to save it is wise to rest not too far from home. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to do this in the Irkutsk region.

Outdoor activities

The best that the Irkutsk region can offer to its residents is – this is a vacation on Lake Baikal. You can get to it from Irkutsk, for only 100 rubles by train. The simplest placement costs about 500 rubles, there are also more expensive options. Of the objects of Lake Baikal, Peschanaya Bay, Olkhon Lake, Listvyanka and the Maloye Sea coast.

Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Irkutsk region

Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Irkutsk region

For many residents of the Irkutsk region, Baikal has already become something it is banal, but there are other interesting places in the Irkutsk region and its environs. For example, you can visit Arshan – a popular resort with beautiful natural attractions. Travel to Arshan will cost 300 rubles, and accommodation will not be more expensive than on Baikal.

If you have more money and time, then you can go to Altai – it will take about 19 hours by train to get there and cost about 1800. In Altai itself, you can join an organized tour or just go to some tourist base – for example, in Belokurikha or to Lake Teletskoye.

Excursion rest

If you don't want to relax in nature, you can go somewhere on an excursion. In the Irkutsk region, Irkutsk itself undoubtedly deserves special attention, with its cathedrals, monuments and museums. On the way from Irkutsk to Baikal there is a unique historical and ethnographic museum Taltsy – a wonderful place in the open air, where the life and culture of various peoples are recreated. Travel to Taltsy will cost 150 rubles, and the entrance ticket will cost the same.

You can visit Ulan-Ude – a ticket there costs about 1.5 thousand, and positive impressions from sightseeing are provided.

Another good option for an inexpensive vacation – trip to Mongolia. A three-day tour to Ulan Bator will cost only 15 thousand, but you can get to Mongolia from Ulan-Ude on your own.

How to save on long trips

If you are planning to travel further, the costs will of course be high. However, on long trips, you can save a lot – and the site will tell you how.

Choose cheaper tickets

Almost the most expensive when traveling long distances – this is the road. Plane tickets from Irkutsk are often quite expensive, so sometimes it may be wise to choose a train or bus to save money. It doesn't work at too great distances - train tickets there are sometimes more expensive than plane tickets. The only way to save money – it is to track various promotions. And if you have to fly through Moscow, then from there you can go by low-cost airlines – cheap flights with limited comfort and luggage.

Imageplanning your vacation ahead of time, tracking promotions and sales, and taking advantage of early booking discounts offered by many travel agencies and airlines.

Choose cheap places to stay

Usually when traveling, people stay in hotels, but for long trips this option is not at all profitable.

When traveling in Russia, it will be much better rent an apartment for short term rent. This option is especially beneficial if you are traveling alone or with your family – you will have to pay only for the living space, and not for the number of people living. In addition, an apartment for a day allows you to save on food – because it has a kitchen and you can cook for yourself. By the way, some rent apartments when traveling abroad, for example, to Europe or Thailand, but this requires a good knowledge of English.

Another inexpensive option – stop at hostels. The hostel will cost you only 300-500 rubles for a bed in a dormitory. Not very convenient, but economical.

It is quite possible to have a rest well and without serious expenses – and now you know how. Enjoy your stay!

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Topic: Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Irkutsk region.Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Irkutsk region

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