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Central Siberia – great place for winter holidays. There is always a lot of snow here and the mountainous terrain of some areas allows for downhill skiing along interesting and long tracks. So it is not surprising that there are many high quality ski resorts here. And the Bobrovy Log fanpark in Krasnoyarsk is very popular among them.

How to get to the Bobrovy Log

The Bobrovy Log is located within the city of Krasnoyarsk, so it's easy to get to it ... Krasnoyarsk can be reached by plane or by train. From Moscow, the journey will take either 4.5 hours (by air) or 2.5 days (by rail).

Beaver Log fanpark scheme

Scheme of Bobrovy Log funpark

From the railway station, you can get to Bobrovy Log Park by bus number 37, the journey will take forty minutes. From the airport, you will first need to get to the railway station by express bus. Taxis run everywhere in Krasnoyarsk.

Trails and slopes

For a resort within the city limits, Bobrovy Log is quite developed – there are as many as 14 tracks, of which 5 are `` black '' color, that is, suitable only for professionals, as well as a training slope. In winter, the complex is capable of serving about five thousand people per day. The total length of all tracks – about 10 kilometers. There is equipment rental, beginners can use the services of professional instructors.

Funpark Bobrovy Log

Funpark Bobrovy Log

Description of all slopes in the resort

The number in the list corresponds to the number of the slope.

    Black slope 420 meters long with elevation difference 185 meters. Open only to professional athletes due to the high difficulty;

    The red track is 1470 meters long with a height difference of 328 meters. Suitable for advanced skiers;

    Closed black track 281 meters long and with a vertical drop of 128 meters. Extremely challenging, only for experts;

    The red track is 332 meters long with a vertical drop of 128 meters;

    The black track is 1430 meters long meters and a vertical drop of 321 meters. Extremely difficult trail;

    Another closed black trail with a length of 253 meters and a vertical drop of 120 meters;

    Red trail with a length 350 meters with a vertical drop of 129 meters;

    Closed red track 137 meters long, with a vertical drop of 77 meters;

    Blue track, one and a half kilometers long, total elevation difference 351 meters. The track is not difficult, suitable for middlings;

    Black run 375 meters long with a vertical drop of 148 meters;

    Blue track, 500 meters long, vertical drop 114 meters. Lightweight, often used for competitions;
    Red track 375 meters long with a vertical drop of 128 meters;

    Blue track long 425 meters, elevation difference is only 90 meters;

    Red track, 875 meters long, with a vertical drop of 234 meters.

IMPORTANT: The most beginners ride off-piste, in a specially designated area. You can think of it as having a 'green' color, that is, suitable for beginners who have just embarked on alpine skiing. Skiing is recommended with an instructor or a more experienced skier.

Lifts and lift costs

There are two Austrian four-seater chairlifts in the resort. One delivers at a distance of 1471 meters, and the second – at 858 meters. The first refers to tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and the second - to 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. There is also a two-seater drag lift serving only the first run, and three towing lifts designed to climb the training slope and the uppermost sections of the ski areas.
, which is valid throughout the winter season. Also in winter, a slide is open here, from which you can slide down on buns. This kind of entertainment is called Snow tubing. The length of the track - as much as 100 meters, and a drag lift delivers the skiers to the top. Such entertainment is to the liking of not only children, but also adults.

 Skating rink

Skating rink


Bobrovy Log in Krasnoyarsk has many cafes and restaurants where you can have a snack or just relax and unwind after skiing.

Cafe Red Tent ideal for a snack for skiers – the furniture here is very comfortable for relaxing in full outfit, and the interior is pleasant and pleasing to the eye;

In the service center `` Oasis '' there is a multiclub `` Plasma Hall '', where you can not only eat delicious food, but also watch a concert or some interesting event;
If ordinary cafes are not very interesting for you, then we advise you to visit the restaurant `` Taiga Master '' with Russian and European cuisine;

The sports bar `` Vertical '' will also be interesting, in the interior of which you will see a photo from the archive of the Vysotsky family and collectible mountaineering equipment.

In general, the guests of the park are usually satisfied with the local cuisine.


Since the Beaver Log is located within the city, you can stop right in Krasnoyarsk, especially if you also plan to see the sights. There are a lot of hotels in the city, from the Hilton at 4.5 thousand rubles per room per day to hostels where you can rent a bed for a day for 450 rubles. The Takmak, Villatic and Sky Hotel hotels are the closest to the fan park within the city limits. Takmak – it is also a spa hotel where you can improve your health and relax.

There are also closer hotels, for example, Bazaikha – just 2 kilometers from the ski lift. The room costs from 1850 per day. And the hotel `` Country Club '' located from the ski lifts at a distance of only 200 meters. There is also a recreation center Kashtak, just 700 meters away. Rooms in them cost from 1,500.

For children

There is a lot of entertainment in Bobrovy Log for children, even for those who are not interested in skiing.

You can send your child from 2 to 11 years old to the Bobronauts' kids club. Here educators will look after your baby while you conquer the trails of the Beaver Log. Interesting and educational games are organized for children, so he will spend the time with benefit.

Bobrovy Log Funpark offers its visitors a lot of entertainment

Funpark Bobrovy Log offers its visitors a lot of entertainment

Among the advantages of the Bobrovy Log, people point out:

Very developed infrastructure;

Variety of entertainment;

lovers of noisy parties and active entertainment will like it more. Well, really high prices can be justified by very high quality service.

Prices for tours

Short tours to Bobrovy Log for a couple of days without a flight cost from 1800 rubles (for 2016). This price includes accommodation, transfer from the airport and back, and breakfast.

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