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Free sanatoriums for children. How to get a ticket?

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Many parents sooner or later ask themselves a question - is it possible to send their child for treatment or for preventive rest to a sanatorium under a preferential program? There is only one answer - perhaps due to the laws in force. And there are many more ways to get a free voucher to a sanatorium for a child than parents know.

However, there are also some nuances here. To get such a ticket, you need to have the relevant documents on hand and know where and, most importantly, when to apply. Often these procedures are long and tedious, but there is almost always a chance.

We offer you to get acquainted with the options for obtaining free vouchers in a sanatorium for children.

Getting a voucher in a polyclinic at the place of registration

The easiest and most affordable way for most parents is to contact the local doctor of the local children's clinic. Sometimes pediatricians themselves offer to take advantage of the chance if a child has clear signs of a certain disease, but this happens less and less - funding for polyclinics is only decreasing from year to year - you have to find out for yourself.

It happens that the list of"free" vouchers are posted on information boards at the reception and in front of the offices of pediatricians or other specialized doctors. In some polyclinics, such information is available at the office of the head, from whom it will be possible to find out the conditions for obtaining a voucher and all the necessary documents.

To get a preferential voucher in a clinic, you need to collect the following documents:

  • Statement on behalf of the parent (samples are provided);

  • Spa card filled out by a pediatrician or other attending physician in the form No. 076 / u-04;

  • Certificate from a dermatologist about the absence of infectious diseases;

  • Results of the analysis for enterobiasis (taken the day before the child's departure).

After that, you just need to pick up the voucher and calmly send the child for treatment. However, you can go with him, if the sanatorium operates according to the “Mother and Child” system, but do not forget that in any case all transportation costs are paid by the parents.

Important: If, for some reason, the pediatrician reads to refuse the possibility of providing a voucher, this issue should be immediately resolved with the head of the polyclinic. There are often cases when preferential vouchers are left “for their own people,” which is strictly suppressed by the management.

Getting a voucher in a hospital

The method is possible for situations when your child needs rehabilitation after being in the hospital. In the same way, you can get a voucher for children who have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and for young patients who have survived operations of varying degrees of complexity.

For this you need to contact either the attending physician or the head physician of the hospital. Since such vouchers are financed from the budget of the medical institution, then it is impossible to find information about them in the open form - the issue of extradition is decided individually. But, if a child really needs specialized treatment, there is a chance to get a voucher.

 Treatment of children in hospital

Treatment of children in hospital

To do this, you need to prepare the following package of documents :

  • Parent's application;

  • Health resort card form No. 076 / u-04 (filled out strictly by the attending physician of the hospital);

  • Extract from the medical history;

  • The results of all tests taken during the hospitalization period.

There are cases when the hospital cannot provide a ticket at the expense of budgetary funds, but can give a recommendation and conclusion on the need for treatment or rehabilitation of the child ... Where you need to go with this package of documents, the head physician will already explain. Most often, we are talking about the social security service or the social insurance fund.

Getting a voucher in the Social Insurance Fund

You can contact the Social Insurance Fund without a recommendation from hospital. You only need to remember one thing - this organization first works very well with beneficiaries - parents of disabled children, large families, and other categories of citizens.

Still, if your child has a disability, then here, in addition to the spa card and the application, you will need to submit a document confirming the status of a disabled person. The same applies to the certificates of a mother with many children and other things. In addition, you will need to provide a birth certificate of the child and his passport, if he has already been obtained after reaching the age of 14.

The key advantage of this method of obtaining a voucher will be the ability to accompany the child and reimburse the travel costs. Most often, this is a partial subsidy for the purchase of train tickets, but if the sanatorium is located in a neighboring region, and not several thousand kilometers away, then there is a chance of full reimbursement of costs. But remember that this scheme only works for disabled children.

In addition to the health resort card and statements, you will need:

  • Copies of passports of both parents;

  • A copy of the child's birth certificate and passport (if over 14 years old);

  • Document proving disability (if any);

  • Proof of adoption (for adopted children).

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

The work of the social security inspector with the family, if the voucher is approved, will continue until the child comes of age. If the family is recognized as successful, the parents will periodically call and make appointments, at which new directions of vouchers will be offered.

Getting a voucher at the district administration

But getting preferential not only disabled children and orphans can get vouchers in Russia - almost every child has a chance to get it if the parents apply to the district administration in time at the place of registration.

The peculiarity of such vouchers is that that these are not medical, but preventive visits to sanatoriums and orphanages. The groups meet every few months and are divided into two types: for children from 4 to 7 years old accompanied by one parent or for children over 8 years old without an accompanying person.

Important: Free tickets are given by the district government only for beneficiaries, and they are different in each region. In addition to disabled children and orphans, this often includes children who have lost one of their parents, victims of natural disasters and catastrophes, etc. Partial payment vouchers are available to everyone.

In this case, the package of documents is compiled for each child individually.

Free vouchers to the sanatorium - why be afraid? (opinion)

Periodically, information appears on the forums of young parents that all preferential vouchers should be treated with caution, that not all children are satisfied with the time spent in health centers. There are several reasons for such opinions.

First, many parents are not satisfied with food. Unfortunately, many sanatoriums have preserved the menu according to the standards of 20-30 years ago, without taking into account the individual characteristics of children's metabolism, the insistence of nutritionists and other things. If your child needs special food, this issue should be resolved long before being sent for treatment.

Secondly, if you send your child to a sanatorium in winter or in the off-season, you need to take care of the right amount of warm clothes. Heating interruptions are one of the main complaints of parents outraged by the state of most Russian sanatoriums. Alas, nothing can be done about this, but you can still protect the health of your child.

Thirdly, it is worth asking about the specifics of the sanatorium, and what groups of children are usually sent there. If your child has physical problems, low mobility and other diseases that distinguish him from the group of outwardly healthy children, parents advise you to think - will he be comfortable in such a company?

Otherwise, parent forums assure that there is nothing to be afraid of. Problems with theft of personal belongings, as in the 90s, have long disappeared, and the staff of the sanatoriums treats children much better, taking into account their age and developmental characteristics.

Things to remember

  • Vouchers for spa treatment are issued to children and adolescents from 4 to 17 years old inclusive. In some cases, for neurological diseases, it is possible to treat children from 2 years of age.

  • The parent has the right to accompany the child for treatment to another city, but not every sanatorium works according to the “Mother and a child." In this case, all living costs are borne by the parent.

  • For some vouchers there are subsidies that partially cover the cost of travel. You need to ask about them yourself, because by default the parents undertake to cover transportation costs in full.

  • Before sending your child for treatment to another city, you should learn more about the sanatorium itself. Alas, but most of them were built in the Soviet years, and there was no major overhaul in them for at least 20 years.

  • The fact that free vouchers are not issued in summer is a myth. Despite the high demand, many parents refuse vouchers due to the high cost of train tickets. It is really possible to take their place, you just have to submit an application as early as possible and wait.

  • The full list of sanatoriums that offer preferential vouchers can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health and in other open sources .
many parents refuse vouchers due to the high cost of train tickets. It is really possible to take their place, you just have to submit an application as early as possible and wait.

  • The full list of sanatoriums that offer preferential vouchers can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health and in other open sources .
  • many parents refuse vouchers due to the high cost of train tickets. It's really possible to take their place, you just need to submit an application as early as possible and wait.

  • The full list of sanatoriums that offer preferential vouchers can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health and in other open sources .
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    Topic: Free sanatoriums for children. How to get a ticket?.Free sanatoriums for children. How to get a ticket?

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