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Geography and climate in Gudauta

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The resort town of Gudauta is located between Sukhumi and Gagra and is the administrative center of the Gudauta region.

Gudauta is located on a seaside plateau surrounded by thickets of fruit groves and mountains Caucasian ridge, which explains the healing properties of the local air. If desired, from the city you can get to any point of Abkhazia – Gudauta has its own railway station, which connects the city with other settlements.


Gudauta Railway Station

The resort is located in close proximity to the Russian-Abkhaz border. It is easy to get to Gudauta from Rostov-on-Don or Krasnodar – regular buses run with enviable regularity throughout the holiday season. And at the disposal of tourists who travel from Adler, there are also electric trains.

Residents of the Russian capital can take a direct train that departs from Moscow to Sukhum with a mandatory stop in Gudauta.


Gudauta's climate can be described as humid subtropical. Summer Gudauta does not differ in such a sweltering heat; the temperature in the hottest month is – August – rarely exceeds +26 o C and dry air currents, like Gagra, and this makes it a wonderful vacation spot for people with various diseases.


Black Sea coast, Gudauta

Swimming season in Gudauta lasts almost 8 months. The sea is hottest in August and September, when the water temperature reaches +24 o С, however, you can come here on vacation in any season.

Autumn weather in the city is very pleasant and excellent suitable for hiking and sightseeing tours. November gives way to mild subtropical winters – throughout its length, the temperature is kept in the region of + 7 … +9 o C.

During the summer months, there is a lot of rainfall, and at times it can be very windy in the city. However, the speed and strength of the wind does not exceed the norm and does not cause inconvenience to those. Who decided to visit this sunny Abkhaz city.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Gudauta.Geography and climate in Gudauta

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