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Drinks of Greece

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ImageImage White and rose wine is the most popular in Greece

The local flavor of such an unusual country as Greece is very clearly expressed in its cuisine and, in particular, in its drinks, the production of which makes up a whole milestone of culture here. Therefore, not trying traditional Greek drinks means not knowing this country to the end.

A wide variety of alcoholic drinks can be found in almost any restaurant or bar in Greece. It is worth noting that the Greeks drink alcohol in moderation, almost never getting drunk, this is considered bad form. Alcoholic drinks are only part of the entertainment and easy communication with friends.

Image Samos wines

that today in the world Greek wines are not as popular as French or Italian, this country has ancient traditions of making a fragrant alcoholic drink. Today white and rose wine is more popular in Greece. The most famous wine producers are the islands of Rhodes and Samos, as well as Lesvos, Chios and Santorini. By the way, the island of Samos, besides its fine muscat and light dry wines, is also famous for its delicious liqueurs.

In Greece, there are interesting, specifically Greek varieties of wine, usually very popular with tourists. This is, first of all, the most famous white wine variety Retsina, distinguished by its taste of Aleppo pine resin. In ancient times, open amphorae with wine were corked with resin to keep the drink longer. And although such methods are not needed with today's production technologies, resin is specially mixed into the wine at the fermentation stage to preserve that traditional flavor.

Image Greek national drink - tsipuro

More one of the most famous varieties of wine is the dry red wine Domestica, made from fairly old grape varieties, which today are almost never used in winemaking - maurudia and red malvazier. The result is an unusual tart fruity taste and deep aroma.

In addition to wine, in Greece, you can taste a number of specifically national alcoholic beverages that Greeks are proud of. One of them is tsipuro (or raki). This drink is strong, it contains up to 70% alcohol. It is made from grape pomace, often with quince, strawberries, apples or figs. Tsipuro is drunk from small glasses, however, even from such a small portion, you can feel a burning sensation. This drink is more popular in northern Greece.

Image Another national drink is ouzo

Another national drink is ouzo, which is, in fact, a distillate of ethyl alcohol and aromatic herbs. Be sure to add anise. In Greece, there are several options for making ouzo. So, the southern Greeks prefer to make the drink sweet by adding sugar to it, while in the north they make ouzo bitter and stronger. The reference drink is considered to be ouzo from Lesvos; on this island there is even a separate museum dedicated entirely to this particular drink. You can also find restaurants dedicated to ouzo, where guests will be allowed to taste different types of it in traditional tall glasses of ice.

It is worth noting a drink called metaxa, made from well aged wine mixed with herbal infusion, nutmeg wine and rose petals. After another six months of aging, metaxa acquires a unique aroma with notes of vanilla, oak and fruit. Young people in Greece also love rakomelo - tsipuro mixed with cloves, cinnamon and honey.

Image Greek metax

Of drinks, not containing alcohol, the Greeks highly value coffee and its Greek version, ellinikos kafes. It is prepared on sand, and very heavily fried grains are used. They drink coffee more often hot and sweet, washed down with water. In the heat, however, frappe coffee is very good, whipped with cold water and ice. Drink it from a straw and slowly, enjoying the taste.

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