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Alcohol in Indonesia

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Indonesia is mainly a Muslim country, so alcoholic beverages are not popular, as they are prohibited by Islam. It is difficult to find imported alcoholic beverages in small towns; in Jakarta, you can buy them in duty-free by presenting a diplomatic card. There are no problems with the choice of alcoholic drinks in cafes and restaurants. Indonesia is extremely hot, so it is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages, especially for people with high blood pressure.

Despite being Muslim, Indonesia has both spirits and low alcohol drinks. From spirits these are: arak - rice vodka, tuak - palm wine, rice wine - Balinese Brem. Of the low-alcohol drinks, there are three types of beer in the country, the most popular of which is Bintang, its name translates as a star. It's delicious. This brand appeared in 1929 and belongs to the Dutch beer company Heineken. The design of the brand is similar to the Dutch Heineken, but has a fresher and softer taste. Indonesians like this beer and, if they drink beer, they prefer Bintang. Of the spirits, Arak is popular - it is moonshine. It is made from anise, adding various"secret" ingredients. Arak is sold everywhere, you can buy it in a restaurant and in a street shop, where it is, of course, cheaper. The taste of the drink differs in different places, each has its own recipe. It is better to buy vodka in stores, since a lot of fakes are sold if bought from hand. The best arak is sold in black boxes that feature the Barong mask. A real arak shouldn't smell like fruit.Image

Gradually local people are starting to drink wine, so alcoholic beverages are starting to appear on the Indonesian market ... In Jakarta, more and more bars have been opening recently. Previously, the main visitors to the bars were foreigners, but nowadays, Indonesians from the middle class are increasingly seen here. “Wine courses” have even appeared in the capital, where local residents are taught the culture of wine consumption. During the course, Indonesians try different types of wines, discovering new tastes. They also teach here how to choose the right wine to complement traditional Indonesian dishes. Although the popularity of alcoholic beverages is growing, Indonesia is still a low alcohol consumption country. During the year, on average, each inhabitant drinks 0.9 liters of alcoholic beverages.Image
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The customs have restrictions on the import of alcoholic beverages, and for export. It is allowed to carry up to two liters of alcohol.

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Topic: Alcohol in Indonesia.Alcohol in Indonesia

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