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Drinks of Cyprus

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Drinks in any national cuisine – one of the integral parts, without which it is impossible to imagine the culinary traditions of this or that nation.

In the case of Cyprus, everything is much more interesting – this island of extravagant traditions has absorbed the best of the Balkan-Greek culture and also created unique customs. They also apply to national drinks.

In general, the traditions of making drinks in Cyprus can be divided into two parts - ndash; alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Alcoholic drinks of Cyprus

Wines of Cyprus

Cyprus has been famous for local wine since ancient times. There are many wineries on the island, and wherever you go, you can taste their wine everywhere. There is even a legend that the god of wine and fun – Dionysus lives in Paphos.

Glass of wine

The most famous wineries can be found in the Troodos mountains and in the villages of Kilani, Omodos, Fikardou and Zinona, located between Limassol and Paphos. On the island in travel companies you can buy a"wine" excursion.

Such large wineries as SODAP, KEO, ETKO and LOEL are located in Cyprus.The products of these factories are very popular under the name: Nefeli, Thisbe, Aphrodite, Saint-Pantelemon, Arsinoe, Othello and Commandaria St. John.

Commandaria St. John

Average cost of one bottle of red or white wine is 4.5 euros, and a bottle of Commandaria wine will cost 10 euros.

The local wine contains local grape varieties: Carignan, Mavro , Xinesteri, Marateutico and others.

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