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National drinks of China

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Chinese tea

If we talk about national Chinese drinks, then first tea ceremonies come to mind. It was in this country that culture of leisurely drinking green tea. They drink it after eating, measuredly, trying to catch every note of taste in the process. At the same time, nothing bite and do not dilute.

Plum wine also has a special place in China. It made from a special kind of green ume plums. The finished drink is characterized by golden color, but it is customary to insist on the red leaves of perilla or on green tea, due to which it acquires a green or red hue. Plum wine is served in a bowl on a short stem with a piece of ice.

In general, alcoholic drinks in China are usually distinguished by their color.Image

Baijiu is a white alcoholic drink. This strong swill, percentage the alcohol content in it is 40-60%. One of the most popular varieties this drink is Maotai, its strength is 58 degrees. It's expensive pleasure is usually used on special occasions. You can note such drinks, like Ulyanye, Yanghedaziu and Luzhou Laojiao.

Huangjiu is a yellow alcoholic beverage. This is rice wine amber color, which is prepared according to ancient recipes. It is possible that it was it that lay down to the beginning of the history of Chinese winemaking. The finest yellow wine you can try in Shaoxing city. Yellow wine is drunk warm.

Hongjiu is a red alcoholic drink. This is what fruit wines are called which in this eastern country are made using plums, mulberry, lychee, apricot and pomegranate. This also includes ume plum wine.Image
Tsingtao Beer

Piju is beer. It is one of the most popular hop drinks in China. Its history is not as rich as the history of vodka or wine, it begins since 1900 in the town of Harbin. China now has 3 largest brewers: Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited, Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, China Research Snow Breweres.

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