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Things not to do in Thailand

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Despite the fact that Thailand is considered a country of relatively free morals, it has its own set of rules for tourists, which are highly discouraged from breaking. In order not to overshadow the rest of either yourself or the people around you, you should familiarize yourself with a short list of those things that are not advisable to do in Thailand, both for a guest and a resident of this country.

Express a negative attitude towards to the Thai authorities

In no case should you ever speak negatively about the Thai king and royal family. To many, this may seem like a strange rule, but even an ambiguous look at a poster depicting a monarch, a chuckle to the side can cause violent indignation of local residents. Any Thai can call the police for open signs of dislike for the king, and the tourist will face imprisonment in not the most comfortable conditions. Even a tourist who steps on a banknote with a portrait of the monarch can be recognized as a bully.


No dress code in temples and monasteries

No one should enter Buddhist temples with shoes on. Before entering, you need to leave your shoes on a special shelf, which is often watched by one of the monks. With regards to the dress code in temples or monasteries, one must not forget that men cannot appear here in swimsuits or with a naked torso. Clothing should cover the legs as much as possible.

Touch the monks

One of the other rules of conduct in temples often upsets European women - even little girls are forbidden to touch monks. This rule is immutable for absolutely all women, and violation of it can cause a big scandal and, as a result, an impressive fine for the violator.


Taking vulgar poses

Legs are a sacred part of the body for Thais, therefore, being among the indigenous population, you need to remember about poses that are unacceptable in Thailand. A storm of indignation can be caused by a pose harmless for a European, sitting on a chair with crossed legs. This gesture in Thailand can be regarded as a personal insult. Also, you cannot sit in front of a person, pointing your toes at him. The most acceptable posture in a traditional setting is considered to be the position when the seated person hides his feet under him.


Touching the head of a stranger

Another sacred part of the body in Thailand is the head. In no case should you even touch the hair of a stranger in a crowd with your finger. Touching the head here is considered a very intimate gesture that only the closest people can afford. You should be especially careful with Thai children - even accidentally touching a child's head can cause negative reactions from others.

Write in red ink

In Thailand, it is not allowed to write in public in red marker or red ink pen. The point is in the established tradition - only the names of dead people are written in red here. Such behavior of a tourist will not cause a scandal, but a lot of frightened looks can be guaranteed to be earned.

To show many signs of attention to women

In no case should you photograph Thai women without their permission and even more so secretly. Taikis are very friendly and smiling by nature, but when guests start behaving defiantly, this can lead to unpleasant consequences, including calling the police. The same can be said about touching - an innocent memory photo with a married woman can cause lengthy explanations with her husband.

Recklessly using gestures

In Thailand, a raised index finger is considered an indecent gesture. Finger calling is highly discouraged. There are frequent cases when waiters refuse to serve tourists just because they tried to call them in this way. Another gesture that is not recommended to be abused is wai, a traditional Buddhist gesture of folded hands at the chest before bowing. It is generally considered unacceptable for guests to use this gesture and bow.


Get involved in street food

Tourists are not recommended to eat in street cafes. For many, this way of eating is becoming an exotic way of getting to know the culture, but the facts suggest otherwise. Every year, dozens of Russian tourists end up in clinics in Thailand with acute food poisoning. At the same time, the matter is far from always a violation of sanitary standards for cooking - guests may have an elementary intolerance to sauces, spices and other ingredients.


Frequently visit dubious places

Famous Go-Go bars will be another place from the “not recommended” section. Many visitors to Thailand aim to see an erotic show of transvestites and ordinary girls hardly on the first day of vacation, but you need to be prepared for all kinds of unpleasant consequences of visiting such places. Here tourists are often robbed, Having previously added sleeping pills to alcohol is far from the most unpleasant side of rest.


Refuse treats

Once you accept an invitation from a Thai to sit down at the table, you should never refuse treats, even if there are too many of them. Refusal of food is viewed by Thais as a rejection of their hospitality and a very great insult. Also, do not be surprised to see someone eating from someone else's plate - a table in Thailand is a place where people come together, the same goes for food.

Express negative emotions openly

The last, but not least, taboo in Thailand is rudeness. It is customary to express loudly here only one emotion - joy. Rudeness is unacceptable neither in dealing with the local population, nor even with each other. Seeing a quarreling couple, Thais often shake their heads defiantly and reproachfully.

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Topic: Things not to do in Thailand.Things not to do in Thailand

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