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Drinks in Austria

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Viennese melange

The choice of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in Austria is extremely great, anyone will find something to their liking.

First you need to talk about coffee. To this drink the Austrians have an incredible love, the country is ready to receive visitors hundreds of coffee shops that offer different types of coffee, prepared according to different methods. First of all, it is of course, Viennese melange, which can be found in many coffee houses. Invert attention is also paid to the Liege coffee - a cold dessert made from ice cream, in which contains coffee and whipped cream.

Of the cold soft drinks, it is worth highlighting the almdudler. it the famous Austrian herbal carbonated lemonade, which first appeared in Vienna in 1957. It contains a syrup of essences ripening in oak casks, mineral water, sugar, herbal extracts and dye. Sometimes this the drink is served with alcohol.

Of course, not a little attention is paid to alcohol. Territorial location Austria allows the cultivation of special hop varieties that are in tandem with water from mountain springs yield an unrivaled beer. Plays in his favor and the experience of the Austrian brewers themselves, who have accumulated knowledge and skill.Image

Austrian wines, though not as famous as Italian or French, but surely it is heard by true connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol. Special attention is paid to white grapes such as Traminer, Muscat Ottonel and Pinot Gris. There are also some rather unusual drinks, such as grape nectar. To whom it still comes to mind to prepare a drink from almost raisin grains moldy grapes? And the taste is really exquisite.

There is another noteworthy drink, similar to wine, but allocated in hotel category - icewein. All because of the manufacturing method. Grapes by the recipe should be overripe, but not yet rotted, while it is left hang on branches until the first strong frost. Frozen grapes are harvested and send it in this form under the press. All these machinations are carried out with the aim get concentrated grape juice, without unnecessary impurities.Image
Icewein grapes

Schnapps is also worth trying in Austria. This drink has two historical homelands - Austria and Germany, and outside of Austria the Germanic products. But this is not at all because the drink is bad, it just is not produced in on an industrial scale and all drunk inside the country. Its membership in most of the cases include cherries, pears and apples.

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Topic: Drinks in Austria.Drinks in Austria

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