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Ai-Todorskiy lighthouse description and photos - Crimea: Gaspra

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Ai-Todor lighthouse description and photos - Crimea: Gaspra

Ai-Todor lighthouse description and photo - Crimea: Gaspra. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Ai-Todor lighthouse in Gaspra is not just one of the Crimean sights, it is the relics of the Russian navy. The lighthouse was erected in 1835 on the site of a signal tower that had been previously located here, and only ruins remained at that time. The initiator of the construction of the Ai-Todor lighthouse was the commander-in-chief of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral M.P. Lazarev.

On the mountain slope next to the lighthouse, old trees have been preserved, the remains of a south-coast forest with a history of more than a hundred years. Mainly junipers, oaks and pistachio trees grow here. The most valuable is the pistachio tree growing near the lighthouse - it is over a thousand years old. This tree is one of the oldest trees in Crimea, therefore it is officially included in the Red Book.

Cape Ai-Todor has a very interesting shape. It seems to protrude into the sea with three spurs, called the "Neptune trident". The most southern and highest "tooth" is the Ai-Todor spur, which since ancient times has served as a true landmark for sailors. Once upon a time there was a Roman fortification on this site, called by archaeologists as Charax. The signal light tower installed on the cape made it possible to bypass the danger, making the rocky shores visible in the darkness of the night.

Many years have passed, but despite this, little has changed in the surrounding rocks, water surface and coastlines, and as long as the sea exists, there will be a lighthouse indicating directions from the coast.

Ai-Todor lighthouse, whose light is visible in the sea for 50 miles, still rises on the top of the spur. It is a historical and cultural value and is quite capable of fulfilling all its functional purposes. Today, the territory of the lighthouse can only be accessed with a special pass, which can be obtained in Sevastopol.

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Topic: Ai-Todorskiy lighthouse description and photos - Crimea: Gaspra.Ai-Todorskiy lighthouse description and photos - Crimea: Gaspra

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