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Pharos Lighthouse in Great Britain

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ImageA lighthouse called Pharos was built in Fleetwood, Lancashire, England. It exists in conjunction with the smaller Lower Lighthouse, located directly on the Fleetwood Sea coast. Both the one and the other beacons illuminate the way for ships that cross the shallows of the Wire River. The Pharos Lighthouse should not be confused with the ancient and widely known ancient Pharos Lighthouse located in Alexandria. English Pharos even has the official name"Upper Lighthouse". It is 28 meters high and its tower is made of sandstone. His project was developed in 1839, and already in 1840 the project was brought to life. An interesting feature of the Fleetwood lighthouse is that it is literally built in the center of an ordinary street with residential buildings. Lighthouse lamps are raised quite high above sea level - at 32 meters, and the light from them spreads over 22 km. The lighthouse building is owned by Port Fleetwood and the general public is prohibited from entering the building's interior.

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Topic: Pharos Lighthouse in Great Britain.Pharos Lighthouse in Great Britain

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