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Hearst Point Lighthouse, UK

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ImageHurst Point Lighthouse is located in Great Britain, in the city of the same name in Hampshire. This lighthouse differs in that under the same name at different times there were several versions of the lighthouse building. The very first of these, called Hurst Tower, stood at the southwestern end of the ancient Hurst Castle, and was built under the leadership of Joseph Haddart in 1786. In 1812, the tower of the lighthouse was supplemented, making it higher. In 1865-1873, the castle expanded its territory, so the lighthouse had to be moved to another place. The old building was replaced by a white and cylindrical tower, built in 1866. The tower was crowned with a red lantern. However, in 1911, this building was also replaced with another, metal, square-shaped and painted red, secured from below with steel beams that were attached to the walls of Harst Castle. Finally, in 1867, the Harst Point Autonomous Lighthouse was established, this time at the farthest end of the Harst Spit. It exists to this day and is open to tourists. The height of this lighthouse is 26 meters.

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Topic: Hearst Point Lighthouse, UK.Hearst Point Lighthouse, UK

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