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Longston Lighthouse, UK

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ImageLongston Lighthouse is located in the Farne archipelago of the British county of Northumberland. It was built on the rocks called Longston in 1826. The lighthouse was designed by architect Joseph Nelson. In these places, the construction of a lighthouse was expected for a very long time. Requests for this were expressed by sailors John Clayton (at the end of the 17th century) and Captain I. Blackheads (at the end of the 18th century). Only in the 1820s were funds found for construction. At first, the beacon used ordinary lamps for signals. Electrification was carried out only in 1952, and by 1990 the lighthouse was completely transferred to automation. The installation of the lighthouse did not prevent the well-known wreck of the Forfarshire in 1838, during which the lighthouse keeper's daughter Grace Darling heroically rescued passengers. Today, excursions are organized to the lighthouse, you can only get there by boat.

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Topic: Longston Lighthouse, UK.Longston Lighthouse, UK

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