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Golitsyn's grotto description and photo - Crimea: New World

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Golitsyn's Grotto description and photos - Crimea: New World

Golitsyn's Grotto description and photo - Crimea: New World. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Many figures of science and art admired the beauty of the Crimea and left a memory of themselves in the Crimean natural monuments. One of them is Chaliapin's grotto. There is an opinion that in the Middle Ages there were cave temples in this place. Proof of this is a small painting on the wall of the grotto, it was noticeable back in the 19th century.

The cave is about 20 m long, 5-8 m high - this is what the Golitsyn grotto is like. There is a small well in the center. Prince Lev Sergeevich Golitsyn was engaged in the equipment of this grotto. A stone wall divides it into two parts, the inner part was intended for storing wines - niches were made there, where vintage wines were kept. This wine collection has survived to this day. An arch can be seen in the far left corner. The grotto was connected to a tunnel that led to the wine cellars of the plant.

Often guests came here to Golitsyn. This grotto has amazing acoustics. A large chandelier was used for lighting. A stone terrace erected on the foreground served for special occasions.

A new stage in the history of the grotto begins in the twentieth century. The most famous persons were in the grotto, in particular, Nicholas II. There is a legend that tells that Nicholas II, having tasted wine in the grotto, said that everything seems to him now in a new way, or "in a new light." This is where the name "New World" came from. In memory of Golitsyn, the path leading to the cave is named.

The famous opera singer Shalyapin often visited Golitsyn. On one of these visits, Chaliapin performed in the grotto with a concert. Everything was prepared for the concert: the stage - for the artist, for the audience - tables. When the singer sang, everyone shuddered. Chaliapin's voice was so strong that a glass shattered from the resonance in his hand.

And today opera festivals and concerts are held in the grotto, because the acoustics in this natural room is unique. During the performances, candles are lit in the grotto and the impression of the concert remains unforgettable.

Thousands of tourists visit the grotto every day. They come here along the Golitsyn trail and go further - to the Tsarskoe beach. Several climbing routes used to pass through the grotto (one went along the ceiling, two along the walls of the cave). But now, due to the huge flow of tourists, these routes are not in demand.

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Topic: Golitsyn's grotto description and photo - Crimea: New World.Golitsyn's grotto description and photo - Crimea: New World

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