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Through grotto description and photo - Crimea: New World

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Pass-through grotto description and photo - Crimea: New World

Pass-through grotto description and photo - Crimea: New World. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The through grotto at Cape Kapchik is one of the attractions of the Crimean resort village of Novy Svet. This is a natural cave laid along a tectonic fault. The length of the cave is 77 m, and the height of the opening is 17 m. The through grotto runs through the cape, connecting two bays of the Novosvetsky coast - Sinyaya and Golubaya with its underground corridor.

Like many other sights of the New World, the Through Grotto was opened by Prince Lev Golitsyn. There is no exact information about how this happened, but according to legend, he stumbled upon it quite by accident, while walking on the sea. The prince's attention was turned by huge karst cavities on the rock, getting closer to them, Lev Golitsyn found himself in a fabulous cave.

An idea suggested by nature itself, with the help of skillful hands, it was embodied in the form of a through equipped passage, along which it was possible to get from the Blue Bay to the Blue Bay. The entrance was made under the arch, laid out with stone and an old wrought-iron door was installed, which served as the entrance to the Through grotto.

On the other side, the cave ends with two galleries with equipped stone stairs for easy descent to the Blue Bay. The exits from the gallery in this part of the cave were deepened by building two stone staircases, which opened free access to the water. In September 1903, Prince Lev Golitsyn celebrated his jubilee in the Through grotto. An impromptu banquet hall was built in the cave especially for this.

Unlike other Crimean caves, groundwater did not participate in the formation of the Skvozny grotto. The wedge-shaped profile and deep cracks of the cave indicate that the high underground gallery was formed as a result of the uneven movement of the limestone masses of Cape Kapchik along several tectonic faults.

The grotto was the most favorite object for numerous excursions. But for several years now, due to the danger of rock falls and colonies of bats, a visit to the large Passage grotto has been prohibited. Today, at the entrance, there is a forged lattice door, reconstructed in the 90s. 20 Art. Through the lattice, the cave is fully visible, so everyone can approach the door and see the grotto of extraordinary beauty.

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