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Golitsynskaya trail description and photos - Crimea: Novy Svet

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Golitsynskaya trail description and photos - Crimea: New World

Golitsyn trail description and photos - Crimea: New World. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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One of the main attractions of the New World is the Golitsinsky trail. This trail starts from the southwestern shore of the Green Bay and leads past natural grottoes of extraordinary beauty. The Golitsynskaya trail starts under the northern slope of the amazing Khoba-Kaya massif. This path is quite narrow and runs over a rather dangerous cliff. For the safety of tourists, the trail is fortified in places with wooden handrails, but it is still dangerous, and it is scary to look down.

After some time, when you bend around the cape located here, the most famous of all existing grottoes appears in front of us, called a miracle received from nature - the New World. This grotto bears two proud names at once - Shalyapinsky, who performed here, and Golitsinsky - in honor of the generous prince, who kept bottles of wine in the grotto and was very fond of treating his guests. The grotto has excellent acoustics, so the performance of the great performer will be remembered for a long time.

This gigantic grotto appeared naturally. It is knocked out by sea waves in the rocks overhanging them. The ceiling in the grotto is quite high; its height ranges from 25 to 30 meters. Entering the grotto, you can see a stage for musicians. There is a hole in the wall behind this stage. It takes us to one of the many wine rooms owned by Prince Lev Golitsyn. Here, a small well was dug in the floor, in which clean spring drinking water always gushes.

Being under the roof of the grotto, through the thickness of the sea water, we can see a huge fallen block, which is a stone "Turtle". A through underwater tunnel is located under this stone.

The cool shell-shaped grotto is left behind, and a narrow path takes tourists to the west, under the interesting southern cliffs of Khoba-Kai. This part of the Golitsinsky trail is bordered by fossilized remains of ancient corals, parts of sea urchins and algae. All this lived in the warm Jurassic ocean, and now they appear in a petrified form before the eyes of tourists.

A descent leads us to the beach of Blue Bay. Blue Bay is closed in the west, by Cape Kapchik, stretched out into the sea. This cape is interesting because it is pierced through and through in the middle, like a sharp knife, by the Through grotto. A cave was created here as a result of a tectonic fault that occurred. Its length reaches 77 meters.

If you go up the trail to Cape Kapchik, to the watershed, then the amazing beauty of the panorama of the beautiful Blue Bay is revealed. Above it, the rocks that belong to the Karaul-Oba massif tend to the sky. We see very close to the Tsarsky beach, it is so gentle, but the well-maintained path ends its existence at the western entrance to the Through grotto. Not everyone will be able to continue moving further. It will be much easier to go back and go through the mouth of the Sukha Balka to Tsarskoe Beach.

Usually, here the excursions along the Golitsyn Trail end, and there are three ways to return to the New World. First, continue along the trail heading north, take a boat ride or come back and walk the same path along the Golitsyn trail.

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