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Saipan USA Resort Information

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In travel guides, Saipan is called"the untouched wonder of America." Indeed, the Europeans, who pressed the Indians who originally lived here, have little changed the appearance of Saipan. At the beginning of the 20th century, Saipan was occupied by the Japanese, who used the island for fishing and sugar production, which also practically did not affect either the flora or fauna. During World War II, the island was heroically recaptured from the Land of the Rising Sun by the United States Marines. In 1986, Saipan, along with other Mariana Islands, entered into a free association with the States and, de facto, completely depends on the latter.

Saipan is an island of beach recreation and active tourism. Local fine white sand, and especially warm clear water of a beautiful turquoise shade favorably distinguish the island from other resorts and make it especially popular among lovers of a quiet pastime. The following are considered the best beaches in Saipan.

Micro Beach is one of the largest beaches on the island, designed for tourists. Differs in cleanliness and developed infrastructure. Lao Lao Bay - this bay will be interesting for snorkelling lovers, as well as banal but invariably popular"beach doing nothing". Paupau Beach is located in the Sao Rogi area and is famous for its outdoor playgrounds, grills and other barbecue"equipment" provided to visitors. Obyan Beach - this beach has more locals than visitors. Obyan gained fame as a quiet and cozy place, perfect for a family vacation or a picnic. In addition to the beaches, there are more than 20 dive points scattered around Saipan, the most famous of which are Dimple, Eagle Ray City, Naftan, Grotto and some others.


Saipan Island is rich in both historical sights, most of which date back to the Second World War, and natural ones. The latter include, for example, Grotto - the symbol of the island, which is certainly visited by all visitors. Grotto is a natural limestone cave, which, in addition to underground lakes, whose depth reaches 15 meters, exits to the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Grotto or simply the Grotto is a real paradise for divers, most of whom consider the caves to be the most beautiful and amazing place on Earth. Saipan Botanical Garden is another interesting place to visit. On an area of 3 km?, 2000 plant species are concentrated, many of which are rare and protected. The main"feature" of the institution is the opportunity to taste guava, avocado, star apple or some other exotic fruit, and it will be plucked right from the branch in front of you.

Among the historical monuments, Suiside Cliff, the Korean Memorial are widely known and American Memorial Park. The name of the first place speaks for itself: during the storming of the island by the prevailing US troops, many Japanese, not wanting to surrender, committed suicide by jumping off a cliff almost 300 m high.Sweiside Cliff is still a special and revered place for the Japanese, besides , a stunning view opens up from here. Korean memorial dedicated to Korean women, mobilized by the Japanese government during the war to"serve" the soldiers. Many of them died, and the survivors received not only an apology, but even compensation. The American Memorial Park, as you might guess, is already dedicated to the American soldiers who died in the storming of the island (I must say, a lot of them died, as the Japanese fought bravely and even desperately). This place is also a platform for holding general island holidays and events, as well as the possibility of active recreation in the park.

The main shrine of Saipan is the Sanctuary of Our Lady. According to legend, during the Spanish rule, a divine voice in a dream opened a holy place to a certain German priest, which turned out to be a fresh water spring, by the way, the only one on the island. A little later, a small figure of the Mother of God and an altar appeared next to the spring, and the water from the spring was considered sacred and miraculous. However, during the bombing of the island, the Sanctuary of Our Lady was the only place in Saipan that did not suffer the slightest damage.


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