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Information about Rovaniemi resort in Finland

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The first settlement on the site of present-day Rovaniemi dates back to 11th century, and the first mention of the foundation of the city dates back to 1453. Already after a couple of decades, Rovaniemi became a major shopping center and later developed steadily. In the 19th century, the city became the center of the province, which was not in the last turn is associated with an increase in the volume of logging, which attracted Rovaniemi labor force. A little later, gold was discovered in the area of the city that led to the"gold rush", as a result of which the treasury and population of Rovaniemi significantly replenished.

The biggest tragedy in the history of Ravaniemi occurred in 1944, when, during the Lapland War, fascist troops razed the city with earth. The destruction was so thorough that after the war, Rovaniemi rebuilt literally from scratch. So there is not one in the city a building that would have been built before 1940. However, this does not interfere Rovaniemi is not only the capital of Lapland, but also the capital of skiing and, of course, the birthplace of Santa Claus, but first things first.

Santa Claus Village, or rather, Joulupukki - this is what Santa Claus is called in Finnish - is not only the most famous, but also the most interesting attraction of Ravaniemi. According to Finnish tales and legends, Christmas Grandfather lives in Lapland, just in the area where the city is located."Office" of Santa Claus is open round year, as is the adjoining Santa Park with many attractions calculated, primarily on children. On Christmas Eve, Joulupukki Village serves as a place holding all kinds of shows, competitions and games. In winter, everyone can go for a reindeer sleigh ride, explore the Ice Figures Museum and taste freshly baked gingerbread cookie.

Not far from the city there is a place with the telling name Snowland. Snowland includes two bars, restaurant, hotel and disco and is entirely composed of ice and snow. It would seem that sitting on an ice chair behind an ice counter is doubtful pleasure, but in practice the number of visitors to Snowland every year growing. There are even daredevils sleeping on icy beds in a snow hotel, covered, however, with deer skins.


Considerable attention in Rovaniemi is given to winter views sports. Ounasvara fell - large a sports complex located near the city and offering visitors to 7 ski slopes, as well as a toboggan run, half-pipe and flat ski track. The height difference of 140 meters and the length of the main track of 820 meters create conditions allowing full-fledged skiing competitions to be held here at the highest level, which often start as early as November. Ounaswara is perfect as amateurs, for whom training courses and master classes are held, and professional athletes. Let's not forget that it is in Rovaniemi the famous alpine skier Tanya Poutiainen was born and trained, who became 2006 the winner of the Olympics. Every year at the beginning of winter there are International First Snow Games, and the Polar Trail competition gathers in a city of skiers from all over Europe.

To learn more about the history of the city, visit Arktikum and Lapland Forest Museum. The exposition of Arktikum, the building of which has been became a symbol of Rovaniemi, dedicated, as you might guess, to the North. Here you can get acquainted not only with the history of Lapland, its culture and life residents, but also see a model of the northern lights, an arctic river and an ice cave. The Arktikum building also houses a scientific center for the study of the North, in addition to in addition, the most important cultural events are also held here.


The Forest Museum is located right in the open air and on examples of surviving photographs, tools and buildings tells about life lumberjacks and the forest itself, which has fed the inhabitants of the city for many centuries. For a better understanding of the history of logging, you can visit the Auttinkengas waterfall 16 meters high, has long been used for rafting wood. Now the waterfall equipped with special paths for tourists, in some places old devices like log chutes.

When in Rovaniemi, by all means should visit Ranua - the most the world's northernmost zoo, inhabited by owls, reindeer, wolverines, brown and polar bears and other inhabitants of the Arctic.

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Topic: Information about Rovaniemi resort in Finland.Information about Rovaniemi resort in Finland

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