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Mafia. Recreation and entertainment

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Sightseeing and entertainment

Like many islands in the Zanzibar archipelago, Mafia has been an island of the slave trade for many years. The current free population lives mainly on government subsidies. Fishing, agriculture and tourism.

The beautiful beaches of Mafia Island attract many tourists from all over the world. White coral sand is incomparable with any other yellow sand - it is finer and is compared by many to powder.

The coastal area is a favorite place for diving, numerous coral reefs with their fauna, clear water with a viewing range of up to 40 meters creates ideal conditions for diving and spearfishing.


For a small fee, the locals will take you canoeing along the coast.

In 1994, the Marine Reserve was founded here, which is jealously protected by Tanzanian law. Visitors to this reserve can see with their own eyes the most beautiful corals and the rarest species of fish and marine animals.

There are many monuments and traces of various peoples on the island that once lived on the island. So, according to the excursion program, tourists are obliged to visit the 12th century mosque, the ruins of the ancient city of Kua.

Archaeological excavations carried out here all year round by specialists from different countries allow to restore the history of the island bit by bit, and with the smallest details tell about those who have ever swam here. So, were found Chinese porcelain shards, dating back to the XI century. All this only proves the former significance of this small, horseshoe-shaped island.

In the village of Kirongwe, local potters make pots of all shapes and sizes. The result of their labor can be purchased for a small fee.


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Topic: Mafia. Recreation and entertainment.Mafia. Recreation and entertainment

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