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Aswan Dam in Egypt, Aswan Resort

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Aswan Dam – it is the main attraction of Aswan. The height of this unique structure – 111 meters, length – 3600 meters, and width – 40 meters. Due to its scale, the Asun Dam is often called the Pyramid of the 20th century.

The river in one place is blocked by two dams – old (lower) and new (upper).

The British began to build the old dam in 1899. Construction was completed by 1902.

The construction of the new dam began in 1960, and construction was completed by the summer of 1970. The Soviet Union took an active part in the construction of the dam.

The dam stopped the floods that occurred every year when the Nile overflowed its banks. Besides, the dam's hydroelectric power plants generate huge amounts of energy for the needs of the people of Egypt.

Lake Nasser – it is a reservoir formed by the construction of dams. Its size – 550 by 35 kilometers.

Because of the reservoir, many monuments of ancient architecture almost disappeared, but UNESCO quickly took measures to preserve them. The monuments were moved away from the dangerous place, or even taken to other countries.

A monument to the dam builders. This monument was erected to the west of the dam, on the left bank of the Nile. It is a sculpture that resembles a lotus flower, the five petals of which are 75 meters high. There is an observation deck at a height of 46 meters, from which the reservoir is very clearly visible,

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Topic: Aswan Dam in Egypt, Aswan Resort.Aswan Dam in Egypt, Aswan Resort

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