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Nubian Museum in Egypt, Aswan Resort

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The building of the Nubian Museum is made of stone in the best traditions of Nubian architecture. Its height – only one floor. Completed the construction of the building in the 90s of the 20th century. However, the museum opened a little later – It took a lot of time to equip the halls and place almost 2   thousands of exhibits.

Due to the fact that the museum stands on a rock, one part of it turned out to be two stories high. The entrance to the museum leads into a spacious hall, from which you can enter the hall with the exhibits by a staircase going down.

The museum has a large detailed model of the Nile Valley with all the significant Nubian landmarks and monuments.

The exposition of the museum includes jewelry, sculptures, frescoes, ceramics, art and household items. In one of the parts of the hall there is a model of a Nubian house with wax figures of the Nubians themselves.

Around the museum there is a huge park with an area of about 5 hectares. It even created a small Nile – artificial river with waterfalls and rapids. At the bottom of the park is a small Nubian cottage and an outdoor theater.

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Topic: Nubian Museum in Egypt, Aswan Resort.Nubian Museum in Egypt, Aswan Resort

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