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Attractions of Gudauri

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Unfortunately, there are no sights directly in Gudauri, but there are such, both natural and man-made, in many surrounding settlements.

The village Stepantsminda is known among tourists as Kazbek gate. It is located half an hour's drive from Gudauri, but visiting it allows you to enjoy the views of the legendary mountain from the most famous angles, which have often inspired eminent artists and naturalist photographers.


Kazbek Gates

The village itself has a very interesting Kazbegi Museum of Local Lore. It is dedicated not only to `` that very mountain '', the history of its conquest, but also to very fascinating facts and personalities, whose life was associated with the eminent Caucasian peak. The central figure of the museum is the writer Alexander Kazbegi, after whom the museum is named.

The valuable exhibit of the museum is the gate of the Betlem cave located in Mount Kazbek. Many legends and superstitions are associated with this cave, which are extremely important for understanding Georgian history and culture.

The nearby village Gergeti is the place where the high-mountain Holy Trinity Church, built in the XIV century. The shrine gladly welcomes visitors from all over the world, but subject to a number of rules. For example – photography is prohibited here.


Church of the Holy Trinity

The most beautiful Ananuri Castle is located 50 kilometers south of Gudauri. Back in the 19th century, he was glorified by Pushkin, who became the first Russian person to step outside its walls. Now the lock – this is a large-scale museum complex with defensive walls, towers and perfectly preserved temples and decorations of the 18th century.


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