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Great Pyramids of Egypt, Giza Resort

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The pyramids in Giza are the hallmark of Egypt. There are about a hundred of them in total. The most famous of them – these are three pyramids: Cheops, Khafren and Mikerin.

The largest of the pyramids – pyramid of Cheops, the second pharaoh of the IV dynasty. At the base of this pyramid lies a square with a side of 227.5 meters. Initially, its height was equal to 146.6 meters, but now the pyramid is 9 meters lower, since all its facing is made of limestone, as well as the pyramidion crowning the pyramid,   were later dismantled by the Arabs.

The construction of the pyramid took 3.3 million stone blocks, which are very closely adjacent to each other. The entrance to the pyramid is located to the north. There are no decorations or inscriptions inside it. There are only three burial chambers there. No pharaoh's mummy or burial utensils were found inside. It is believed that the pyramid was plundered.

On the southern side of the pyramid is the Sun Boat. On it, the pharaoh was supposed to go to the other world. It was built of cedar and absolutely no nails.

The pyramid of Pharaoh Khafre is slightly smaller than the pyramid of Cheops, although sometimes it even seems   higher. It was built 40 years later than the first. The base of the pyramid – also a square, but with a side of 215 meters. Its height is now – 136 meters, but in ancient times it was also higher. Here you can better see the burial complex of structures – the temple in the valley, the road, the temple of the dead and the pyramid itself.

The last pyramid in the Great Pyramids complex – this is the pyramid of Mikerin. It is much smaller than – its initial height – 66.5 meters, and the side is the base - only 108 meters.

Unlike the pyramid of Cheops, the pyramid of Khafre has just partially visible upper lining with basalt.

Scientists believe that the blocks for the pyramids were cut on the other bank of the Nile. Quarries can still be found there. Then they were delivered through a special channel. Even a pier was recently found. Blocks were dragged onto the pyramid along a specially inclined embankment.

The pyramids in Giza are still the largest architectural structure built by human hands without the use of any technology.

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Topic: Great Pyramids of Egypt, Giza Resort.Great Pyramids of Egypt, Giza Resort

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