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Geography and Climate in Tapolca

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Tapolca – it is a foothill balneoclimatic resort. It is located 165 kilometers from Budapest and 10 kilometers from the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The city of Tapolca was built where the Pannos Sea once found, among the basalt mountain cones covered with vineyards. City center – picturesque warm lake Malom.


It is its waters that replenish 18 healing springs and provide fresh the whole city. You can get to Tapolca by car or train from Budapest. The journey by car will take approximately two hours. The climate in Tapolca is temperate continental. Winter is very mild in January, the temperature is kept at -1 ° C. Summer is quite warm, with an average July temperature of +21 ° C. There are about two thousand hours of sunshine a year, and the winds are moderate. The annual precipitation is about 750 millimeters. Time in Tapolca is 2 hours behind Moscow time.  


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Tapolca.Geography and Climate in Tapolca

Author: Kelly Costine