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Nurosmaniye Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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The Nurosmaniye Mosque belongs to extremely ancient structures. Its construction began in 178 AD at the direction of the padishah Mahmud I. To one degree or another, the construction of the mosque lasted for many centuries, and was finally completed in 1755. The mosque received its name due to its territorial location in the eponymous district of Istanbul. The Nurosmaniye Mosque is the first Ottoman example of the Baroque architectural style.

The mosque is located on one of the hills in the Old City, outside the city walls. The differences between the Nurosmaniye mosque and other Turkish mosques, made in the classical style, are the decoration of the dome vaults of the capitals of the two minarets, as well as the fact that the prayer niche is placed in the outer part of the mosque. Courtyard, including 12 columns, as well as 14 domes more consistent with the baroque architectural trend.

In the central   part of the mosque there are many windows, thanks to which the mosque is beautifully illuminated by sunlight during the day. On the walls of the mosque, covered with tiled slabs, you can see sayings from the Koran. The architectural complex of the mosque includes the tomb of the mother of Sultan Osman III, a madrasah building, and a library building.

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Topic: Nurosmaniye Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort.Nurosmaniye Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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