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Fatih Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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Fatih Mosque   (Mehmed the Conqueror's Mosque) is located in the Fatih district and is one of the largest mosques in Istanbul. The temple was built in 1470 on the site where the Church of the Holy Apostles used to stand.   The Fatih Mosque has 2 minarets and a large dome with a diameter of 26 meters.

The original Fatih Mosque was destroyed in a major earthquake in 1766. In 1771, the mosque was restored, thanks to the financing of all works by the padishah Mustafa III. The restoration work was carried out   under the leadership of the famous Turkish architect Mehmed Tahir Aga. The main dome of the restored mosque is surrounded by small hemispherical domes and is supported by 4 columns.

In the architectural ensemble of the Fatih mosque, a significant place is occupied by madrasah buildings. The entrance to the mosque is through three entrances, the central gate is elegantly decorated, and the courtyard is decorated with marble. There is also the tomb of the Ottoman ruler Sultan Mehmed II.

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Topic: Fatih Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort.Fatih Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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