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Arizona USA Resort Information

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If you decide to come to Arizona in February, be sure to visit the local Renaissance festival, created to celebrate the culture and traditions of the past. The festival is held on the site of a verdant valley, which is located in the middle of deserted places and mountain ranges in the immediate vicinity of the town of Phoenix. This festival starts in February and ends in March, and the festival program is extremely colorful and varied. Majestic historical installations, many people in elegant old clothes, tastings of medieval dishes and vibrant fairs, as well as performances by street musicians and artists - just a small part of the splendor that awaits every guest of the festival.

At the end of March, all visitors and guests of the state will enjoy an equally grand spectacle - the Ostrich Festival. For three days here you can see a variety of animal shows, an exotic zoo, concerts, many attractions and entertainment, as well as the highlight of the program - funny ostrich races. Here you are guaranteed a good mood.


Arizona attracts tourists mainly by the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon. Of course, because it is the largest canyon in the whole world and one of the main attractions in Arizona. However, in addition to the canyon, there are many interesting places.

The state of Arizona is known for its natural protected areas. These include the Tonto National Monument, the Painted Desert National Park, the Saguaro National Park, and the Pueblo archaeological site. Only in Arizona can you see a meteorite crater, with a diameter of 1250 meters, as well as visit a museum dedicated to American astronautics and a variety of meteorites.

Among other things, rest in Arizona is rafting down Colorado, a helicopter tour over the canyon, a visit to the Rainbow reserves. Forest and Petrified Forest, fishing on the beautiful artificial Lake Powell, visiting the Tucson Museum of Archeology and much more.

Also in the city of Tucson is located the world famous Reid Zoo, rightfully recognized as one of the best in the world.

The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world, it was created by the Colorado River over a million years ago. The gorge, cut by the river flow in the thickness of the rocks, stretches 446 kilometers in length and 29 kilometers in width. The average depth of the canyon gorge is about 1800 meters. The views of the huge gorge become simply magical thanks to the huge accumulation of cliffs and rock blocks of the most bizarre outlines.

The beauty of the canyon does not leave anyone indifferent - various types of sandstone shimmer under the sun's rays with the splendor of color, and the wind and water adorned the walls of the canyon no worse artists - you can see pyramids, turrets, and sometimes buildings that look like pagodas.

There are buses here every 15 minutes and there are observation points. Tourists enjoy mule or rafting on the Colorado River. Also, many people prefer to use helicopters to fly over the canyon. Tourists who love extreme sports go down on their own and are content with physical activity and an increased level of adrenaline, in addition to the gorgeous views of the canyon. Any option of visiting is good.

In addition, the Sky Trail is recognized as a favorite place to visit - an observation bridge with a glass floor in the shape of a horseshoe, located at an altitude of 1219 meters. The trail seems to be hovering over an abyss, and each tourist standing on it experiences a unique experience, a kind of mixture of extreme with the majesty and beauty of the canyon.

A meteorite crater is the place of collision of a huge fiery heat of nickel and iron weighing 300 thousand tons with the surface of the Earth. It happened 50 thousand years ago: a meteorite crashed into the Earth, moving at a speed of 19 kilometers per second, and left behind a huge crater in the Arizona desert, which attracts more and more tourists from all over the planet every year.

The crater is 180 meters deep and about 1200 meters long. There is a museum nearby where you can learn more about the country's astronautics.

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