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Cote d'Azur. Recreation and entertainment

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The Cote d'Azur resort area includes many cities, the most famous of which are:


The resort town where La Croisette is held the world famous Cannes Film Festival. The Palais des Festivals with the Avenue of Stars is the most famous place in Cannes, and the Croisette is one of the most favorite places to walk.

Tram runs regularly from the Cannes Film Festival venue.

Numerous tourists in Cannes are attracted by gorgeous beaches and excellent shopping opportunities.

The old port of Suquet, the Lerain Islands, the abbey, the fortress, the Castres castle, Pierre Cardin's villa, gardens and museums - all this can be admired endlessly.

One of the most striking historical monuments of the city is the Suquet Tower, which is 22 meters high. And behind its walls is the Church of Our Lady of Hope.

In addition, Cannes is a meeting place for all lovers of walks on the sea. It is here that competitions and regattas are held and the salon Nautique is located.


Nice is the “capital” of the Cote d'Azur, a city that has always been considered a symbol of the Mediterranean coast.

Nearly all pleasure boats stop in Nice, usually included in any Mediterranean cruise.

The heart of the city is the world-famous Promenade des Anglais, ideal for walking and relaxing.

Nice shopping is great. On Mondays, the Cours Saleya market offers a variety of antiques.

In addition, there are many museums in Nice, including the Chagall Museum, where about 700 of his works are exhibited.

Nice sights also include the Nice Opera, the Valrose Palace, many cathedrals, the Chateau hill with a castle, a picturesque park and waterfall, an observatory, the Acropolis Palace of Congresses and much more.



Elite resort on the Cote d'Azur, with an elite level of service and appropriate prices.

Numerous tourists are attracted to Mokakov by the world-famous Monte Carlo casinos and, in particular, Casino du Monte Carlo - the oldest casino in Europe.

The Grand Prix held in May is no less popular with tourists. Monaco is one of the stages of the famous Formula 1 race.

Tourists are interested in the National Park of Puppets, the Church of St. Charles, the Japanese Garden and many other attractions.

Monaco is one of the most significant cultural centers of Europe. Every year, many different competitions and festivals are held here: the International Circus Festival (in January), the International Television Festival (in February), the International Festival of Magicians (in March), the Festival of Contemporary Sculpture (in April), etc.

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