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Geography and Climate in Arizona

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The state of Arizona is a whitish salt marsh foothills, the Grand Canyon, rocky mountains and bright red deserts interspersed with red. This place is the land of great canyons, stretching across the southwestern side of America. It is known that most of Arizona is occupied by deserts and mountain ranges, but among the sandstones and patterned rocky ledges, you can often find stunning green oases that give freshness.

The special wildlife of these places, untouched by civilization and protected by various located here national parks, mountain lakes and streams, a meteorite crater, the likes of which you will not find anywhere else in the world - all this invariably attracts tourists from all over the planet. In addition, here you will find local Indian tribes that occupy an impressive part of the state, as well as a variety of shopping establishments, galleries and markets, restaurants and cafes with fine US cuisine. Be sure to visit here.

The special atmosphere of this place, its uniqueness and originality attracts more and more foreign visitors every year.

The capital of Arizona, Phoenix, is located in the arid and even hot Sonoran Desert ... Despite this, the town is able to amaze with the diversity of its fauna and flora, which were formed here not only due to the influence of two rainy seasons during each year, but also to the close attention of the authorities trying to green the city and increase the quality and speed of development of its infrastructure. It is noteworthy that there are also two more interesting cities in Sonora - Yuma and Tucson. It is worth remembering that most of the hiking trails start in Tucson. The city is recognized as a favorite destination for adventure lovers and just active and inquisitive travelers.

Phoenix International Airport welcomes guests from all over the world, but remember that there are no direct flights from Moscow, so you should use flights with transfers to New York or Los Angeles, provided that you are flying through Aeroflot. If you choose Transaero, then choose flights with transfers in Toronto or Chicago, this route is also relatively convenient. On average, such a flight takes about a stock, but there are several flights that take less than 20 hours. In general, the flights are quite comfortable and affordable.

During the flight, you will have full board at your disposal, as well as excellent sets for recreation and entertainment, making you feel comfortable and the flight will fly by faster.

If you want to move around the state without restrictions by transport, then it would be best to rent a car that suits you. Remote areas of Arizona can also be reached, but only with a personal or rental car, and during such a trip you will be amazed by the excellent quality of local roads. For the most discerning motorists, there is also great news: on intercity highways you are unlikely to get stuck in a traffic jam, which, in principle, is a rarity for modern roads.

Arizona has a temperate climate with mild and pleasant winters, as well as sunny and hot summer. In the period from autumn to spring, the temperature does not exceed +16 ° C, but in the summer season, temperatures can rise to +52 ° C.

If you decide to make a trip to Arizona in the summer, then be prepared for sharp temperature fluctuations, for example, it happens that in the daytime there is a scorching sun and it is very hot, and at night there are noticeable frosts. Be sure to stock up on warm shoes and clothing. Also do not forget about the fact that from July to August in Arizona the monsoon season opens with thunderstorms, floods and heavy rainfall, so it is better to refrain from traveling to the territory of Arizona at this time. Better to arrive between March and June.

Time in Arizona is 11 hours behind Moscow time.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Arizona.Geography and Climate in Arizona

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