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Festival Glastonbury. This music festival is traditionally held in Britain in the last days of June and lasts 4 days. The event is usually accompanied by downpours, so visitors knead the mud with their boots and floods are possible.

T in the Park continues the hottest musical summer in the United Kingdom. It takes place over three days in Balado Park. The audience is going to listen to music in the open air, all guests are accommodated in a tent camp with increased comfort. World-class stars perform at the festival, and the visitors themselves choose the performers through voting.

The Isle of Wight Festival is also musical in nature, with such stars as Jefferson Airplane and Bob Marley performing here. Performers are carefully selected and guests must bring a sleeping tent with them to the event. If you still haven't got a tent, you can use the services of the organizers.Image

Fringe Festival

Fringe Festival - held in August, in Edinburgh. The scope of the event is overwhelming, for three weeks, while the festival lasts, viewers have time to show more than 30 thousand performances of a very different nature: from opera and musicals to shows and comedies. Anyone can perform on stage.

Great Beer Festival in London. The name of the event speaks for itself, it usually takes place at the Olympia exhibition center, visitors are presented with about 350 sorts of true English ale, 60 sorts of cider, and also treated with beer products from Belgium and Germany. The time of the event is August.

Perterborough. Another beer festival in Britain. Festivities do not subside until early morning. Well-known manufacturers from all over the world bring their products to the festival, and in addition to tasting alcoholic beverages, guests can enjoy lotteries, live music and entertainment.Image

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival. The event is comparable in scale to the famous Brazilian carnivals, a riot of colors and dances cheers up the participants and spectators. The event takes place in August and attracts about a million participants.

Halloween. One of the favorite holidays of the people of Great Britain, it is celebrated on the night of November 1. During it, all the celebrants dress up in costumes of evil spirits and walk the streets in this form. An invariable attribute of the holiday is a pumpkin lamp.

Samhain. An ancient Celtic holiday, which in our time is already celebrated as violently as before, but some traditions still remain. For example, baking bread in the form of horns, jumping over a fire. The holiday is celebrated on November 1 and marks the end of one agricultural year and the beginning of another.

Guy Fawkes Night. On the night of November 5, the inhabitants of Great Britain celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes, who on this day in 1605 tried to carry barrels of gunpowder into the parliament building and with their help kill the king during a speech. Just this event marked the beginning of the use of the word guy in English, which means"guy".

Christmas. The world-famous holiday is celebrated by the British on December 25 and has a family character. The kingdom's cities are enveloped in a magical holiday atmosphere throughout the Christmas holidays.

New Year. This holiday is celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1, and is posed in opposition to the relatively calm Christmas. The British celebrate the New Year very violently.

Rochester Chimney Sweep Festival. Every year on May 1, bright processions take place across Britain, accompanied by dancing. The procession is necessarily led by"my lord", who is accompanied by a procession with boys performing various tricks, lords and ladies.Image

Birthday of the Queen of Great Britain

Birthday of the Queen of Great Britain. This day may not coincide with the real date of birth of the Queen (it is celebrated on the first, second or third Saturday of June), but the people of the United Kingdom celebrate it on a grand scale, the celebration is accompanied by a parade in honor of Her Majesty.

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