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Theresa Meadow in Germany, Munich resort

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Teresa's Meadow – the area where the annual Oktoberfest in Munich is held, flea markets, festivals and other events. Located near the Main Station in the city center. The name of the meadow was given in honor of the wife of Ludwig I, Princess Teresa of Saxe-Hildburghaus. At the edge of the meadow is the Statue of Bavaria. In the spring, the meadow hosts the Spring Festival, an analogue of Oktoberfest, the Tollwood Winter Festival, an agricultural exhibition and circus performances of stray   circuses.
Statue of Bavaria – a bronze statue symbolizing the Bavarian state. The bronze statue is located in Theresa's meadow in Munich. The statue was erected by order of Ludwig I, the Bavarian king in the period 1843-1850. The statue was created by architect Leo von Klenze, sculptor Ludwig Schwanthaler and foundry workers Johann Baptist Stieglmeier and Ferdinand von Miller. The statue is about 19 meters high and weighs over 87 tons. Inside the statue, there are 66 steps leading to the observation deck at the head of the statue. There is a beautiful view of the surroundings from there. The annual Munich Oktoberfest is held right in front of the statue.
Oktoberfest – the most massive festivities in the world, an annual beer festival held in mid-September – early October. Every year about 6   million guests come to this holiday, coming to Munich from all over Bavaria and Germany, and from other countries. Oktoberfest is held in Teresa's meadow. On average, the event lasts 16 days. Throughout the festival, there are many beer tents and various attractions in the Teresa meadow.
Festivities are organized and held with the support of the Munich administration. Only Munich breweries that brew a special Oktoberfest beer with an alcohol content of 5.8-6.3  %, which is   usually called Viennese or March, can take part in the festival.
Oktoberfest has a two-century history: the first festival took place in October 1810 in honor of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Teresa.
Among the traditional festival events, the most interesting are the Procession of the owners of beer tents, the Opening Ceremony of the first beer barrel, the Costume Procession, etc. There are many beer tents. which offer the products of all Munich breweries: L & ouml; wenbr & auml; u, Spaten-Franziskaner-Br & auml; u, Augustiner, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbr & auml; u. The largest tents can accommodate about 10,000 people. Among the attractions operating at Oktoberfest – both traditional carousels and ultra-modern roller coasters.

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Topic: Theresa Meadow in Germany, Munich resort.Theresa Meadow in Germany, Munich resort

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