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Spring Festival (Lunar New Year)

The rich history of the Middle Kingdom has contributed to the accumulation of serious cultural baggage. The Chinese loudly celebrate various festivals that carry both ancient traditions and the daily habits of the people.

Conventionally, Chinese holidays can be divided into four categories:

1. National. These include the New Year, Women's Day, May Day and Children's Day.

2. Traditional. This includes the Spring Festival, Qingming, Dragon Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chunyang.

3. Festivals of national minorities. This is the water splash festival, March fair, Mongolian Nadam fair, end of Ramadan and Qurban.

4. Tourist festivals. This group includes the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival and the Luoyang Peony Fair.


Dragon Boat Festival

Tourists who visit heaven on one of the national holidays, it is worth considering some of the nuances. Any state. enterprises, offices, embassies and schools suspend their activities these days. The work of banks and post offices is switching to a holiday schedule, but mainly large branches of such institutions continue their work, so problems may arise with currency exchange or sending mail. At the same time, transport runs regularly, there should not be any inconveniences in this regard. Hospitals, shops and business establishments do not change their schedule. At the same time, shops, bars and restaurants practice generous programs of discounts and promotions, which cannot but cheer up tourists. On Chinese New Year, private shops and cafeterias stop working.

Let's dwell on the main festivities in more detail.


Mid-Autumn Moon Cakes

Spring Festival ... It is also called the Lunar New Year. Its history is deeply rooted in the past. The festival takes place between February 9 and 11 and has the character of a family festive feast. City quarters are filled with colorful tents, where anyone can take part in all kinds of competitions, visit attractions, taste local cuisine, etc.

Dragon Boat Festival. The brightness of this festival boggles the imagination, it claims to be the most colorful in the Middle Kingdom. Residents of the country themselves participate in the design of this holiday. They make all sorts of fusion agents in the form of dragons and organize competitions on them. Sometimes whole villages take part in one competition, which gather their team.


Lantern Festival

Mid-Autumn Day. One of the most popular holidays among locals. On this day, the Chinese remember the significance of the moon in their culture. The celebration is necessarily held on a full moon. The holiday is celebrated on the street, people get together, gaze at the beautiful views of the full moon, remember loved ones, and eat gingerbread in the shape of the moon.

National Day. Another Chinese holiday from the category of favorites. The holiday continues throughout the week and is accompanied by all kinds of discounts and promotions, street festivities, fireworks, exhibitions and competitions.


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