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Rayong. Recreation and entertainment

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Rayong as a tourist city began to develop relatively recently. Today, modern hotels have been built, shopping centers and many markets operate in the city. The beaches of the resort are distinguished by white warm sand, and the sea is crystal clear. Coral reefs, clear water - everything you need for swimming, fishing and scuba diving.

Rayong is good for those tourists who prefer a relaxing holiday and admiring nature. There are no nightclubs or casinos, but there are plantations of exotic fruits. May-July is the harvest season, festivals and national holidays.

In 30 km from Rayong there is a Suppatraland outdoor garden. Visitors will not only be allowed to taste mangosteen, rambutans   and durians, but they will also invite you to participate in the harvest.

Hotels are called resorts here. There are many of them on the islands and in local villages, not far from the beach. In local villages, you can buy inexpensive fish and ask to be fried in front of you. In restaurants you can taste exotic dishes from ostrich, crocodile, etc. You can stay both in hotels with superior comfort and in inexpensive bungalows on the coast.

Throughout Thailand, only Rayong has thermal mineral springs, and a huge part of the resort area is occupied by national park where you can see mountains, waterfalls and natural caves.

In the Klang area there is National Park, it covers an area of 83.6 sq. km. The pristine forests are home to wild elephants, tigers and bears. The park has preserved an impenetrable jungle, you can admire high cliffs and waterfalls.

For fans of historical monuments in Rayong there are excursions to temples and memorials. The most famous of them are: Pra-Chedi-Klang-Nam Pagoda, located on Rayong Island and Wat Pa Pradu - the owner of a majestic Buddha statue.

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Topic: Rayong. Recreation and entertainment.Rayong. Recreation and entertainment

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