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The best beaches in Egypt

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Image Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

All beaches in Egypt can be divided into two main types: sandy and coral. Some hotels call sandy beaches sandy beaches. On such beaches, when swimming in the sea, a coral bottom is found, so you need to swim in special shoes. If the sandy beach is natural, it means that both the coast and the seabed are covered with sand. There are many good beaches in Egypt. They can be either private or municipal. Each resort has its own best beaches.

Image Beach in Nuweiba

Sharm El Sheikh

This resort has beautiful coral beaches, therefore you can swim on them only by wearing special shoes. Coral reefs are bizarre and stretch along the coastline. In these waters, there are many different types of fish that surprise with their bizarre shapes and bright colors. But despite the coral beaches, beach lovers can have a good rest, as there is loose sand on the beaches almost everywhere.

Naama Bay has beaches covered with natural sand and with a gentle entry into the sea. True, these places are not clean, since there is a pier for motorized water transport nearby. More people come to Naama Bay to hang out, as these beaches are suitable for recreation due to pollution.

Image Beach in Taba

Nuweiba and Taba

Nuweiba and Taba also belong to the resort area of Sharm El Sheikh. These beaches are considered the best in Egypt, thanks to the wide strip of fine sand and the gentle entrance to the sea. It is very comfortable to swim in the coastal waters here. Nuweiba resort is especially good for families with children. The resort is located in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula. The sandy beaches have everything you need for a camphor holiday. It will be interesting here for scuba diving enthusiasts, as the underwater world in these places is very beautiful. Nuweiba is very popular with tourists. The Taba resort is also popular. There are many fashionable hotels here, and coral reefs are located next to the beautiful golden beaches.

Image Surfers in Dahab


Not far from Sharm el-Sheikh is another resort, Dahab, which emerged on the site of a Bedouin village. On the beach of this Egyptian town, vibrant parties take place, where the conventions of the Eastern world are not observed. There is no luxury here, as in other resorts, but very beautiful nature. The beaches here are very different. If you choose a beach in a strictly urban area, the beach is a rocky-sandy mixture with coral seabed. There are no sun loungers, however, rugs and pillows are provided. This resort is appreciated by fans of surfing, diving and"wild recreation". There is a beautiful lagoon not far from the old town, where there are many respectable hotels. Thanks to the good beach with a convenient entrance to the sea, they like to come here with children.

Image Beach in Hurghada

Beaches in Hurghada

The beaches of Hurghada are very popular in Egypt, they are one of the oldest vacation spots. Once upon a time, corals were cut down here and the lagoons were deepened, thanks to which there are good sandy beaches. The beaches in the old town are covered with golden sand and are very popular. These places are suitable for fun lovers. Newly built hotels have shallow coral coastlines. The sea in these places is always calm, even with the wind there are no big waves. In the resort of Hurghada, vacationing is much cheaper than in other resorts in Egypt. This is a good option for a budget-friendly family vacation. There are both elite housing and good family hotels.

Image Kitesurfing

El Gunna

This beautiful resort is part of the resort area of Hurghada. El Gounna's beaches are all artificial. They are covered with homogeneous sand and have easy access to the sea. There are no coral formations near the beaches. The disadvantage can, to some extent, be considered a shallow coastal zone that goes far into the sea. The resort's villas, located on the islands, are interconnected by canals and bridges. El Gouna has a very comfortable stay. Vacationers have four good beaches and fourteen hotels at their disposal. There are all conditions for sailing, diving, surfing, fishing, etc.

Image El Gounna beaches

Soma Bay and Makadi

Image Marsa Alam Beach

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Topic: The best beaches in Egypt.The best beaches in Egypt

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