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Boracay. Recreation and entertainment

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Boracay   is an island that attracts tourists with excellent opportunities for beach holidays. It is   not   noisy and   crowded; for those who prefer solitude and   silence, Boracay will be cozy and   comfortable. White Beach is considered one of the   best in the   world.

Those who prefer kiting and   windsurfing should take a look at   Balabog Beach, where beginners schools are located windsurfers, there are rental points for special equipment for kiters. Most popular with   tourists who prefer these types of recreation, the period from   November to   April.

Also on   Boracay can be spent on water skiing, horseback riding, beach volleyball, tennis, bowling, golf and   frisbee, mountain climbing, boat rides in   rented boat in the scenic surroundings of the island.


Diving in   Boracay

Boracay Island is considered a great diving destination. Although there are   close to the beach and   there are no corals, you can always rent a boat and   go to the   nearby coral reefs.   Boracay has 12   diving centers, organizing exciting underwater excursions for their guests on   the sea of Sibuyan, reefs, not far from   Panaya, the coastal zone of the islands Tablas, Romblon and   Semirara.

During excursions, you can see rare species of tropical fish, sea snakes, blue gorgonians, needle-tailed rays, barracudas, white-tailed and   gray sharks, different types of corals. Diving at   Freides cliff is interesting because it allows you to see a unique underwater landscape with   sandy bottom corals, and   also an abundance of various representatives of the marine fauna.

In addition, diving enthusiasts will certainly find interesting diving at   Lobster rocks and   near Laurel Island due to   the extraordinary beauty of these places.


Boracay by   rightfully considered the pearl of the Philippine Islands. Here you can see a lot of natural attractions: caves inhabited by bats, various waterfalls, a mangrove forest, a butterfly garden, a white beach covered with light clean sand. You can also visit the private seashell museum located at   Ilig-Iligen beach, and   also the Glorio Museum and   Roberto Tyrol, where a variety of art objects are collected.


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Topic: Boracay. Recreation and entertainment.Boracay. Recreation and entertainment

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