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Belek. Recreation and entertainment

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Belek is a resort where the highest level of service is a priority.

The resort area of Belek includes two resort villages: Belek and Kadriye.

Both resorts have a well-developed infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, shops, bars. However, it is most crowded here in the territories of hotels and inns.

Belek is known not only for the price level, which can hardly be called democratic, but also for the comfort and prestige of the rest, comparable, perhaps, only with the world's largest resorts.

The beaches here are wide, spacious, covered with white fine sand. The seabed is flat.

In addition to nightclubs, shops, restaurants and cafes, wi-fi internet, as well as excellent conditions for a beach holiday, src="/preload.png" data-src="/uploads/posts/2020-05/travel-image-342.jpg" alt="Image" />


Resting in the resort of Belek, you can easily see the sights of the neighboring areas.

В In the most beautiful natural park Koprulu Canyon eucalyptus and pine forests, as well as various rare species of flora have been preserved.

Ruins of the cities Aspendos and Perge can be seen while walking, and to the city of Side with its historical monuments you will have to go by bus or taxi.

In Side, it is worth familiarizing yourself with   with cultural sights such as the ruins of the Anatolian theater, erected in the 2nd century AD, Roman baths, presently presenting within their walls museum expositions with rare archaeological finds. Also of cultural interest are the ruins of the city gates   and the fortress wall of Side.

In the sea harbor next to Side there are the temples of Apollo and Pallas Athena, which have not preserved their integrity to this day, but have not lost their architectural beauty and historical value.


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