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Geography and climate in Nikko

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Geography and   Climate

Just   135   km northeast of   Tokyo, Nikko is located   - the city of the most ancient temples and   pilgrimage sites in Japan. It is located   on   territory of the national park of the same name, famous for its picturesque landscapes and   landscapes. The area of this natural zone is 1402   sq.   km.

The relief of the city is represented by the Nantaysan mountain peak and the   surrounding forests. Here   Lake Chuzenji is located, which served as the source for the 95   meter Kegon Waterfall.

Getting to the   resort is best from   Tokyo. Time in   way will be about two hours if you   use rail or road.

The weather conditions in Nikko are of the Mediterranean type with   mild winters and   hot summers. The average January temperature is + 2   ° С, in August this figure often exceeds + 24   ° С.   1400   mm of precipitation falls annually. The best time to visit the resort is considered to be the periods from   March to   April and   from   October to   November.

Nikko local time: GMT   +9 (+ 5   hours to   Moscow).


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Topic: Geography and climate in Nikko.Geography and climate in Nikko

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