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Geography and climate in Hakubu

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Geography and   Climate

Hakuba   is a ski resort on the island of Honshu in   Japan. Located at the   foot of the Japanese Alps, in the   northwest of   lies the city of Nagano. The   travel time to the   resort from   Tokyo will take 2.5 hours by   high-speed train. From   Nagano, you     1   hour if you take the bus service. Getting here from   Niigato takes   2   hours.

The climate in Hakuba is mild, with   warm winters and   cool summers. In the   cold season, the air temperature rarely drops below zero Celsius at night, during the day it is +5 ... + 7 ° С. With the onset of summer, it often rains and   nbsp; weak winds blow. The air at   this time warms up to   +25 ... + 30 ° С.

The ski season here opens in   mid-November and   ends in   mid-April.

Local time Hakuba: GMT   +9 (+ 5   hours to   Moscow).


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Topic: Geography and climate in Hakubu.Geography and climate in Hakubu

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