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Geography and climate in Niseko

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Geography and   Climate

Niseko   is a mountain village in   Japan. Located on the   island of Hokkaido in the   governorate of the same name. It   borders on the settlements of Toyura, Kuttyan, Makkari, Rankosi. In   1972, he hosted the Winter Olympics.

The nearest airport is located in   Chitose. The flight from   Tokyo to   Sapporo will take 1.5   hours. It is convenient to get to   Niseko by train or car from   Sapporo (100   km). At   21   km from the resort is the ski center Rusutu, at   7   km   - Niseko Weiss, at   3   km   - Niseko Hirafu, in   2   km   - Niseko Annpuri Kokusai.

The area is famous for cold winters and   a lot of snow. The average January temperature is -10 ...- 15 ° С.   In summer it's hot and   rainy, average thermometer readings in   July-August are kept at   +25 ... + 26 ° С.   For   year here about 16   meters of precipitation falls, most of which falls on   winter. This phenomenon is caused by the collision on the   territory of the settlement of warm air masses of the Pacific Ocean and   cold cyclones of Siberia and   China. The ski season lasts for 6   months (from   December to   April).

Niseko local time: GMT   +9 (+ 5   hours to   Moscow).

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Topic: Geography and climate in Niseko.Geography and climate in Niseko

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