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Geography and climate in Rusutsu

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Geography and   Climate

Rusutsu   - a mountain village in the   Hokkaido Governorate in   Japan. The closest settlements to   are Kimobetsu, Makkari and   Toyako. The ski center of the same name is located in   4   minutes drive from the   village.

The nearest airport is in   Sapporo. The distance to the   resort you will   cover in   1.5-2   hours by   bus.

Winters are harsh here. In   January, the thermometer is kept at   -10 ...- 15 ° C, sometimes it drops to -40 ° C.   Snow at   this time falls almost every day, guaranteeing the stability of the snow cover. Fogs are common in spring. Frosts recede only closer to   summer, giving way to rainy weather. The temperature in the   summer season is kept at   +25 ... + 26 ° С.   The ski season lasts from   end of November to   beginning of May.

Local time Rusutsu: GMT   +9 ( + 5   hours to   Moscow).


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Topic: Geography and climate in Rusutsu.Geography and climate in Rusutsu

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