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Geography and climate in Beppu

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Geography and   Climate

Beppu   is a geothermal resort in   northeastern Kyushu in   Japan. Its border runs along the territory of the village of Hiji and   the cities of Usa, Yufu and   Oita. There is an excellent road between the resort and the nearest airport (Fukuoka). You can get from   it to the   village in   within an hour by   bus.

Beppu is located in the   zone of volcanic activity, between the volcanoes Tsurumi and   Yufu. The east coast of the resort is washed by the waves of the bay of the same name.

The climate here corresponds to the subtropical type. It is   characterized by mild winters and   hot summers. The average January temperature is + 4   ° С, in   July, the thermometer rarely drops below + 24   ° С.   For   year in   city falls to   2000   mm of precipitation. You can relax in   Beppu all year round, but   the peak of the tourist season falls on the period from   March to   May and   from   October to   November.

Local time Beppu: GMT   +9 (+ 5   hours to   Moscow).


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Topic: Geography and climate in Beppu.Geography and climate in Beppu

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